No users have joined my game in 20 in-game hours.

I spent hours setting up my classes, monsters, npcs, creating a cool-looking first zone, even got started on a level 2 zone with the money I had leftover. place a starting point, activate starting point. fast forward the clock and nothing, not one user in 20 in-game hours

The issue you’re running into (thanks for submitting the save file so that I could actually take a look!) is that you’ve bumped up the purchase price a lot higher than default; the game is generating potential subscribers, but those potential subscribers are looking at the purchase price you’ve set and are deciding to play something else instead of your game.

If you set the purchase price back down closer to the default purchase price (it’s on the ‘Sales’ tab of the Overview report), then you’ll get a lot more people joining!

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Cool thanks, I’ll try that when I get home.