No Graphs and start game 50k in the hole

So i Just got this game a few days ago and love it. But when i look at quest givers or even finance tab there are no graphs at all on anything that should give me a graph. Only graph i found that worked was the one one telling me how many of which level players i have. Is this a known issue? Plus why do i start 50k in the hole and dont start with the full 150k loan?

Most of the game’s graphs are daily; they should start showing graphs once you reach the second game day.

The thing about starting with $100,000 left of a $150,000 loan is a bit of a Tycoon game trope. The assumption is that the first $50k went toward getting the basic system up and running. I should probably make that more explicit somewhere. But it’s so that we can award an achievement once you’ve paid back that loan, and can’t just earn the achievement by giving the money right back to the bank without doing anything; gotta actually build something and earn a profit. :smiley:

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