Network Server Questions

I don’t fully understand the network servers. They increase the region user capacity by 400 but visually, they appear to be doing a similar function to WAN’s on smaller scale.

Is the 400 capacity increased region-wide or within their sphere of influence? Do I need to place these over high traffic areas (i.e., an overcrowded monster zone), or will anywhere within the region work? They seem to increase the max users online across all regions regardless of which region they are placed in.

Do they provide bandwidth within their sphere of influence?

How much bandwidth does a server consume? I have been looking for this information because I am looking to add some servers to my network bus, and I need to know if I should add more uplinks to support it.

(Also, how much bandwidth something provides/consumes/transports should be included on the tooltip.)

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Hi, @tashus!

Network servers do both; they increase the region’s user capacity by 400, and also act as a short-range WAN. They can be placed absolutely anywhere in a region; the capacity is raised everywhere within the region, but they do also provide bandwidth coverage immediately around themselves.

Right now, Servers consume 20 bandwidth units per second; that’s double what a WAN consumes! Usually I strongly recommend not using servers; they’re there as emergency gear, but it’s usually a lot cheaper and easier overall to just set up an extra region to provide space for your players, instead of using servers to be able to pack more players into a single region!