network, how does it work?

Hey, me again!
I’m having a hard time dealing with all that network stuff.
I would like a bit more information about it.
like how much bandwidth one uplink can give, if I click on it it seems like it is providing only 50 but then cables coming out of it can suck way more than that…
do I need a new uplink for every new land I unlock?
why do monster zones regularly flash red? but when I click on them it says they’re online?
I don’t understand what are the limits and requirements for the network, do players eat bandwidth too? or just buildings?
my head is going to explode T.T

It’s 3k per uplink from what I remember, which is more than a single fiber line can distribute. For very busy areas, you may need 2-3 parallel fiber lines and a bunch of short cables extending from them.

No. You can connect zones. Fiber can pass under water and mountains. The average zone will consume roughly one uplink worth of bandwidth if there are a lot of players there, though, so expect to need one uplink per quest hub.

They turn red when they don’t have enough bandwidth to function properly, but any monsters that were already spawned will still be there, so it may not affect players much. One or two capacitors will usually fix the issue, unless the whole zone is constantly starved of bandwidth.

Buildings and monster zones are.the only things that consume bandwidth from what I’ve seen, but they’ll use more bandwidth if there are more players around.

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I think players should have more of a draw on bandwith, its pretty negligable and unless i’m cramming 400+ players into a zone which i’ve never tried, I haven’t really needed a server or more bandwith but i can afford them so i use’m

The “bandwidth” abstraction seems weird to me too.
In real life, there’s no such thing as a “bandwidth capacitor” although there may be a “buffer” or a “cache.”
Also, there’s no such thing as “consuming and replenishing” bandwidth – you either congest, or you don’t! And at the point of congestion, degradation is somewhat smooth (but pretty quickly goes to pretty bad, unless you have very well behaved traffic like all-file-downloads and each download just slows down.)

In the game, it feels more like bandwidth is like water – it “flows” through the pipes, and a “capacitor” is really a tank, and each other piece is also a tank. And when I click on a fiber or cable, it says “amount of bandwidth,” and that’s really THE VOLUME WITHIN THE PIPE. A longer pipe has more bandwidth. This was super unintuitive to me, and took a long time before I figured that one out.

Similarly, a download has a “capacity” (tank storage) of 50, but it replenishes the tank pretty quickly. A wireless access point has tank storage of 20, and replenishes at whatever rate your wiring to it supplies.
What I don’t know, is what the throughput (rate) of the different pipes and junctions are – it would make MUCH more sense to just list the rate/throughput, rather than “volume” of each connection, IMO.

Also, not only is there a “capacitor” (a storage of electrical energy) but also when listing things in a grid area, they are listed as “Unpowered” or “Powered” – I wonder if an earlier version of this game modeled “power” instead of “bandwidth” and then just renamed it? (But, even so, power behaves more like bandwidth, and less like water, too …)