Network cant keep up with fast forward

Issue: Network cant keep up with fast forward
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows

If you speed the game up the networking fails to keep up. It seems that the networking simulation cant work out what it needs to do quick enough. Which leads to buildings failing.

With the fastest speed selected the nodes go red under normal fast forward you can see the node fade between red and green but just about manage to keep the buildings going.

Nicely caught!

Can you send me an email with your save where you’re seeing this happen? I’ve got some patches in place which fix things in my test games, but it’d be good to verify in other people’s saves as well.

And I’ve got a case which is still failing. This is going to take more effort than I expected. :confused:

EDIT, 30 minutes later: And, I think I have a fix. Will be in the build that’s coming in an hour or two!