Network Cable and Fiber Undo-Waypoint don't work

Hey Trevor,

if I build a Network Cable or a Network Fiber I can’t Undo a waypoint by clicking the [Alt]-Key. For Street Paths and Flying Paths it works fine.

[tested with the latest version: “test”]

I have the same problem with the network cables. Also when I try to delete wall from pathing.

Mh, you mean the wall undo-function ([Alt]-Key)? With me, everything works there the way it should. I’m playing the 0.17.66.

The only problem with walls I have is that the towers do not appear immediately after they are built. They only appear when I point the destroy tool at them. But that was a few days ago and may have been fixed already.

Ohh i must have skipped an update then I’m playing on .65
My bad. I will check for update when I’m in the next port! ( on a boat with limited internet :see_no_evil:)