Need some help with spreading network...

So I’m still fairly new to the game and I’m trying to spread network to my second region so I can get players to go there, but idk how to make it work. Could somebody be nice enough to explain the process to me?

So you have two regions right? Your first region started with an Uplink and you ran network cables around to cover the entire region, while you add it, if you have money also attach a Capacitor to the network by attaching it close to the Uplink. Once you have the region all blue, do the same thing to the 2nd region, once the 2nd region is blue use the Fiber (1 to the left of Cable) to attach the first region to the 2nd one. (To keep the costs minimum run the cable between the two regions at the closest point (network wise) so the Fiber doesn’t cost a lot of money and Viola, both regions are passing network back and forth to each other as needed and the Capacitor is storing data for when required.

Hope this helps

I have used the Fiber connections between all my zones (levels 1 to 20) and have actually been able to support more than 5000 users signed in at the same time so it works really well. I have also found the easy way to reduce the cost is to make sure you have cable running close to the zone boundaries (Mountains) so you don’t have to run a long Fiber to the next zone to connect the two zones together.
Hope this helps.

Wow… I actually just plop a new uplink in every region… Sometimes i need 2 due to the sheer amount of stuff i put in a given zone lol… Ive tried linking all of my regions together, even with the uplink in every region, it actually ended up losing power to some regions lol.

Edit: almost forgot, for me, cost isnt an issue, i actually tend to pay off that 150k loan before even needing to build a 4th zone… Lol

Money is no really an issue, the loan like Kable13 said, usually gets paid off around lvl 3-5.

Uplink + Capacitor and a short fibre between them where u are puttin the biggest city. Stretch a Fiber from the Uplink through the zone (not too far) and then short cables out of that fibre. If u still need network after building the zone, add another uplink at the other end of the fibre.