Neater error message for crashes caused by incompatible hardware

This bug has been discussed before and I believe its to do with the game trying to use my Intel graphics rather than the Nvidia card on my laptop.
This isn’t the fault of the game but more of my hardware however the error message is not very helpful and for release it might be a good idea for it to if possible give a better indication of what is happening so that either the customer knows that their hardware is not up to scratch or that they need to force it to run with the graphics card.

( I belive that you fixed it so the game now does this automatically. The only reason I’m getting the error is because I removed my graphics card driver to fix something and forgot to reinstall oops)

Hm… at the moment, I don’t really get enough information to give users a very detailed error message about why we failed to create an OpenGL 3.3 context. But I agree that this particular message shouldn’t receive this ugly “Failed assertion” message; it should give a much nicer one; this is the only real error message that a user should receive while running the game, and so it shouldn’t look like a crash.

I’ll have a think about what I can do. It’s a good suggestion! Just need to figure out what a good message would be. The only information I have in this situation is “I asked the system to create an OpenGL 3.3 context, and it failed to make one”.

…I suppose that in the event of this sort of failure, I could follow up by trying to make an OpenGL 1.1 context (which should succeed everywhere), and report the vendor string from that, which might help indicate which chipset is trying to provide the OpenGL support. That could be useful to somebody, I guess? In your case, it would have told you that it was the Intel driver which presumably had failed to create the 3.3 context, which would have led you to the problem.