My (very long) Suggestions List

Hello Trevor and greetings from Germany.

First, I want to thank you for this really great game. I love the idea and for long time I wanted to play a game like this. I don’t know how you see your final game - how complex you want it to be - so I have some suggestions that I would love to see in future. Some of them are maybe not in your plan, are not possible and some of them are already planned (or worked on), so please tell me what you think.

I think you have noticed already that english is not my mother language, but I try my best. For faster reading, I have my suggestions in bullet points, if you have question, please ask me. It would be really nice if you have some time for an answer, even though that is a very long suggestion list. I would also like to read comments from other players. And please don’t get me wrong, this long list is not a bad criticism of your work, it’s “my” wishlist for a game, that is already in a good way and - maybe - it’s a little help for you, to show you “some” opinions of your players.

And last, I know it’s a tycoon game, so I don’t want these suggestions to be free in the game. I think, that Costs, Network and Balancing are only necessary if you and the other players like the ideas.

PC = Player Characters (ingame); Player = Real player (like me)

Outside the Game

Road Map:

  • already requested by other users and one of the most important thinks for you
  • it helps the players and it helps you (and gives you more time, because less duplicate suggestions)

Own Prefab/Template Library on the virtual Desktop:

  • save templates of monster, PC-Classes, NPC’s, maybe more on the virtual desktop
  • load these templates in the game of the player (if he wants)
  • template could be saved ingame, but maybe also there could be an editor on the virtual desktop

Inside the Game

The manual searching for cheaters is ok at the start, but later with more players and regions to hard.

  • the player could build a hidden scanner (like in network menu), that scans PC’s in range
  • A) scanned cheater would only be visible marked and the player must warn/ban him manually (but now he can see him immediately)
  • or B) a GM can now warn/ban him automatically
  • maybe the scanner could have a failure rate and not discover all cheater
  • maybe the scanner blame fair player for cheating
  • scanner-option: more “Range” or more “PC’s Scans simultaneously” leads to “more failure rate” or “false blaming”

Color Variation:
For all models, the player can select one color per part. While spawning, all models look the same.

  • in the model menu, where you can select the colors, it should be possible to activate multiply colors (with checkmarks on it) or deactivate the checked colors (per part)
  • ingame, the spawned PC/Monster/NPC would now randomly choose one of the checked colors
  • you check/uncheck the colors individually for all parts
  • for example, click in the hair color and check: yellow, brown, red, black and grey… or for a cyberpunk game, purple, blue, etc. - same for the other parts
  • great suggestions combination: “NPC-Zones”, “Fractions” etc.
  • maybe for “Fractions”: your clicks don’t activate or deactivate, rather set: “fraction 1, fraction 2, deactivate” (etc.)

Coop - Multiplayer:

  • it would be nice if more than one player can work on the same game
  • how it could work: there is one “lead-developer” who has options for the game or can give other developer roles (with checkboxes like: modeling/PC/Monster/NPC Creating, Quest Creation, Level Design, etc. - you can check all boxes, than the other developer can do everything).
  • the lead-developer could have a option, that only one developer per region is allowed (developer must mark their region in the region-tab, and only he can work in this region - that could be a good way, maybe combined with “Fractions” Suggestion, that one player creates a Level 1 region in the west, the other a Level 1 region in the east, etc.)
  • great suggestions combination: “PC - Multiplayer”
  • additional: I think it would be really nice, if the Developer could share their work like in the “PC - Multiplayer” Suggestion and like I wrote at this Suggestion (see below), I think it’s a big feature content and is fair to sell this as a DLC.

Crafting - Gathering resources:

  • player can write resources in a list at the same menu like PC/Monster/NPC
  • for example “wood” for a WOW-like game or “electronic parts” for a futuristic game
  • the list contains the name of the resource and maybe the basic sell-price at Market Places
  • A) objects in the world (build via the decoration or better a new resource-tab) can now contain these resources - the player can click on the object and choose from the list, which resource the PC can get
  • or B) instead of objects, a zone for resources. PC’s can get there and walk around and sometimes gather the resources from the zone (like all 5 sec a 50% check for 1 “wood”). Player can build matching decorations if he likes (example: wood = some trees, ore = some stone, etc. => but it’s not required, the zone define the resource not the decoration)
  • great suggestions combination: “Crafting - Items”, “More Items - Auction House”

Crafting - Items:

  • players can design or write a list of new Items in the PC/Monster/NPC-window, like a sword, shovel, magic wand or armor but also pistols and guns
  • they can give these items a bonus attribute (like -1.0 Target Health) or general stats (like +1.0 Health) and they can set a basic price and a recipe (which resources are needed to craft this item)
  • How it could work ingame: PC’s “want” (quest or the need of a new weapon) to craft a new weapon or armor, they look what resources they need for the new weapon and where the next resources zone is (or maybe a shop, if it is buyable), than it could be like an automatically generated quest chain = 1) get resources, 2) craft sword.
  • great suggestions combination: “Crafting - Gathering Resources”, “More Items”, “PC - Professions”
  • addition: it’s a very complex system and I can imagine that it would not be easy to program it, but many player - I think - would love to see a Crafting-System. Maybe as an option and update like PVP

The decorative atm are way to big (PC’s could walk under tables). If you implement the workshop, I think new and more decorative would come very quickly and in huge numbers. It would be great if you give the decorations menu categories, modder can “tag” their decorative and the player can find it more quickly.

  • it would be nice if you give us a scaling option for trees, tables, etc.
  • height adjustment of objects (decorative, buildings), so you can place a crate on top of a table…
  • a possibility for us to move decorative and to delete decoration in an area would be nice too

Dungeons (Mini):
I have seen one post by you, that you think about how you want to implement dungeons.

  • Buildings (like Wolf’s Den; Damned Castle; Cave; …)
  • PC’s/Parties disappear, the run would be calculated (success-rate; rewards; happiness; …), PC’s comes out after a set time
  • possible Mini-Dungeon settings: how hard is the dungeon, recommended party size, which monster are in the building (and how many), reward, how many parties can go simultaneously, …
  • maybe the dungeon could earn popularity and player travel to visit the dungeon (or avoid them by dislike)
  • great suggestions combination: “PC - Badges”

Dungeons (World):

  • as a zone, with walls around, a start, a goal, maybe a route
  • PC’s/Parties have to get from the start to the goal, with monsters on the way and one (or more) boss monster at the end
  • only one run at a time, other parties have to wait (monster respawn after run)
  • badge for completing the dungeon
  • Player can choose in settings (global or individually), if it is possible to replay dungeons or that a PC only plays a dungeon once (badge as proof) (only if he is successful in the dungeon or maybe if he fails it too)
  • settings: level requirement, party size, etc. - monster and boss could be placed normal
  • maybe PC’s that wait for a run alone, could “fill” a “temporary party” and then go for it
  • great suggestions combination: “PC - Badges”


  • more a question than a suggestion
  • if the PC’s reach the last level, how does the endgame works?
  • player could make special PVP-regions (“PVP-option as Region-option”), or hunt for special challenges or something like that
  • what are your plans or how did the game handle this atm?

All models are either male or female. If you want both, you have to create two models (but you have a limited amount of model-slots).

  • maybe it is possible do give all Characters (PC’s/Monster/NPC) two Models (can be deactivated if the player don’t want it)
  • player can design a female and male version (or alpha/beta monster, etc.)
  • if a PC register an Avatar, it uses the “first” model if the PC is female (username/real name) or the “second” model if he is a man
  • Monster (Zones) spawn randomly in the first or second model
  • NPC’s/Elite-Monster Gender can be chosen by placing them (key to switch between the models) or alternative it spawns randomly (if you want to change, delete the NPC and place a new one)
  • great suggestions combination: “Fractions”


  • different playable fractions to choose for the PC’s. Player can set the Starting Points to one of the fractions
  • if a player doesn’t want different fractions, he can use only one fraction (update and global option)
  • great suggestions combination: “PVP-option as Region-option”

Friend- and Party-System:

  • (a general Suggestion from a good friend)
  • like tech that already exists in the game updates, PC’s could get Friends ingame (and outgame)
  • I don’t know how you want to “create parties”, but maybe one opportunity would be that friends log in together and start parties or that while searching for a party, friends have a higher “connection” chance. Friends could also affect the Cheat-usage, Guild forming etc.
  • It would be nice to have a Friend-Tab in the PC-Overview. Informations could be Username, Class, Level, (maybe Guild), (maybe status = “Offline”, “Region 12”, “Same Party”, …)


  • I don’t know what you have already planned about guilds, but I have some little suggestions
  • Player can decide in a global menu, if guild creation cost gold/real money and maybe can make other options (if the guild membership cost gold -> increase guild gold, etc.)
  • a global list with all guilds: name, leader, number of members, (maybe thinks that are important ingame, like guild gold etc.)
  • guilds could have a own gold treasure = membership fee, dungeons or challenges with guild parties
  • guilds could have own weapons (and other items) to sell
  • guilds could have upgrades, the leader buy it with guild gold (higher upgrade -> more members, more weapons, etc.)
  • the possibilities, what a guild “give” to the PC would greater, with some of my Suggestions like “Crafting”, “More Items”, etc.
  • the guild leader generates automatically a random name (and maybe picture) for the guild (player should have the possibility to rename it, maybe with happiness cost of all member) and could invite players he is socializing with or he has in his friend list. Also, he can promote member to “officers” (or something like that), and they have the same invite skills. A guild can only have a certain number of officers and can increase this number if the guild would have an upgrade
  • guilds can have (randomly generated) requirements, like a minimum level (min = leader), a Class (“only Warriors allowed”), and maybe they have a special target (endgame, questing together, dungeons, etc.)
  • great suggestions combination: “Owned Buildings”


  • showing all the PC’s in the world (because you can see where your PC’s go and where no one is playing)
  • show PC’s according to their levels (because you can see, if your “second” Level 1 Region at the other side of the map has already level 2 players, or if all level 2 players in the stats are in the first Level 1 Region)


  • (a general Suggestion from my girlfriend and from a good friend)
  • while the Pets are more the idea of a decorative item, either as an inventory entry or a visible follower on the map (cat, dog, ape, …), the minions are like companions for the PC
  • minions could be a zombie, skeleton, etc. for a necromant or a wolf, bear, etc. for a hunter
  • the minion fight for the player, I think it could work like a Mini-Party between PC and Minion (further possible for both to get in a real Party)
  • Minion Models could easily be used from the Monster Models (for example)
  • same stats / skills like the Model template and same level like the PC or maybe decreased stats / skills or maybe always 1 (or more) level lower than the PC
  • for gameplay, player should nerf the PC to compensate the minion

Monsters from PC- and NPC-Models:

  • like the quest-giver and guard, Monster-Zones and Elite-Monster should be selected from all models. For example, Monster-Zones filled with paladins (PC-model) or an Elite-Monster looked like an (PC) mage or a “corrupted” guard (NPC-model)

Atm (Elite)Monster/NPC walk a small range, but sometimes they walk into a building or something like that.

  • set (Elite)Monster/NPC to idle, walk, ghost, socialize in the world (like you can show in the model editor)
  • idle (Elite)Monster/NPC could stand still, like Guards (as Guard but also as Elite-Monster), so you can make better scenarios (maybe an idle prisoner that gives you a quest, while idle guards watch him)
  • ghost Monster (as monster zone) to fight against or ghost NPC to talk with (an ghost that want you to kill his murderer)
  • maybe: patrol routes for Elite-Monster and NPC’s (Guards in the city or region; the alpha wolf that patrol his territory; …)

More Items:
Atm the only “Items” are “a potion” and “a weapon”.

  • the weapon-shop and other shops could need more items: weapons, custom potions, armor, etc.
  • player can design or write a list of new Items in the PC/Monster/NPC-window (and fit them to their game theme, for example swords for fantasy games and pistols or laser for modern games)
  • new custom items are a good way to build premium shops ingame, where PC’s can buy “better” weapons with real money (pay to win elements)
  • items have a durability, so they must buy new ones (there is already an alternative of durability in the game I think, but works it in the endgame too?)
  • great suggestions combination: “Crafting - Items”, “More Items - Auctions House”

More Items - Auctions House:

  • in the auction house PC’s could buy and sell resources (Suggestion “Crafting - Gathering resources”) or other items (Suggestion “Crafting - Item” and “More Items”)
  • to not overload the auction house, every second 1 of all goods disappear (or the player can set a value)
  • maybe there could be a premium version too, where the currency is “real money” and the player earn a fee
  • additional: Auctions Houses could be used as socializing buildings (like the tavern) too


  • PC’s can buy mounts at stables (or maybe tame some in the wildlife)
  • Player can design them in the PC/Monster/NPC-Menu and give them a stat-bonus for speed and maybe an option “PC can attack while riding” or something like that
  • Mounts could be Monsters, but also a own category (“Mounts”)
  • additional: modern games have maybe motorcycles, so an extra category would be nice

Designation Field:

  • please give us the “Delete”-Key to delete a letter to the right site of the cursor (instead of only the “Backspace”-Key that delete the letter to the left)

Atm the towns don’t look real. Only the guards and quest-giver, and maybe the PC’s.

  • Non-Hostile zones for PC-/Monster-/NPC-Models, to simulate a town life or a farm/wildlife with animals
  • maybe the Zones could have a option, that PC’s could attack the NPC and the they change to hostile (like hunting deer’s in a forest)

Owned Buildings:

  • (a general Suggestion from my girlfriend)
  • A) PC could rent buildings in the world. Maybe a special count of PC could go into one Block of a Building, so that a whole building can have more PC’s. Prices could be set in the building options (already exists)
  • a rented building gives the player a certain amount of socializing satisfaction and maybe could work as a logout/login-point for him (like the Inn)
  • B) Guilds could buy buildings (maybe only released for sale by the player) as a headquarter
  • the guild house could work like the rented buildings for PC’s (like above) but also as an recruitment center for near PC’s for the guild
  • C) only a decorative suggestion: It would be nice to have the possibility to change the building name for the player. If you like one of the suggestions above, the building could rename itself to the PC-Name or Guild-Name and if empty, the name is “For Rent” or “For Sell”.

PC - Attack Attributes:
Atm you can have 2x2x3 attributes: cost and effect x self and target x health, mana and rage

  • it would be great to have more options in this attributes
  • damage over time: set target health -5 and give it a time-component of 5 (1damage/sec for 5 sec)
  • area of damage: set target health -5 and give it a range-component
  • friendly-fire-option for all settings: 3 options: “friends” “enemies” “both”, it gives you not only the classical friendly fire option, it gives you the possibility to create “healing/buff”-attacks to friends (for parties)
  • alternative healing- or buff-attacks could work with the “self”-option, but maybe the player will create a healing-skill, that doesn’t work on himself but on his allies…

PC - Badges:

  • PC’s have a Badges-tab, with completed dungeons, with completed regions and quests, kill counts, First Player, played since Day 1, etc.
  • maybe the player can choose which Badges are available in the PC/Monster/NPC menu.
  • great suggestions combination: “Dungeons (Mini)”, “Dungeons (World)”

PC - Basic Attacks/Skills:

  • maybe it would be nicer if the Attacks/Skills have their own Menu, where you could select all Attributes
  • than you can go into the PC-Menu (or Monster or NPC) and select, which Basic Attacks it has (and maybe edit it -> like the Basic-Quest-XP Menu and the individual Quest, where you can edit the XP)

PC - Favorite List:

  • maybe I have overlooked it, but it would be nice to have a quick list with the Favorite/VIP-PC’s to find them quicker in the world

PC - Inventory:
Atm the Inventory Tab is very simple.

  • new tab for PC’s, with all their (custom) stuff as a list: “weapon”, “armor”, “gold”, “resources”, “potions” …
  • great suggestions combination: “More Items”, “Crafting - Gathering Resources”

PC - Multiplayer:

  • the player can share his game and it would appear in a game list at other players virtual desktop
  • other player can join this game as a PC (after Character creation) and play it: fighting, questing, leveling, etc.
  • the game owner should see other players as VIP’s (maybe as “Game Tester” of magazines or as Youtuber etc…)
  • the PC-Player should have a better menu as the control function atm, for example inventory, questlog, minimap etc.
  • additional: nonhostile NPC’s should react if the PC-Player attacking them (atm, if you control a PC or NPC, other NPC’s don’t attack you)
  • I don’t know how it could work, if the game owner is building or adjusting his game while others want to play it. One idea would be, that the owner only shares individual regions of his game and PC-Player could play only in these regions. The owner locks the region and can’t build in it while it is shared. If he wants to unlock it, the PC-Player become a warning like “Server shutting down for maintenance” or something like that. Another idea would be, that the owner shares his game and it is saved as “shared”-version, while he can build or change everything (and PC-Player can play the “shared”-version) until he shares his new version. And if all of this is not possible, maybe the only time PC-Player could play the game, would be while the owner is offline.
  • this would be a really big (and complex) feature, maybe something for a DLC (maybe together with Coop-Multiplayer). I think it is fair to pay for a DLC to support you again and I think the Multiplayer content is big enough for a DLC

PC - Professions:

  • (a general Suggestion from a good friend)
  • PC’s could learn professions like “smith”, “tailor”, “herbalist”
  • would only make sense if the PC could craft
  • the professions could give the PC bonuses for crafting recipes, resource gathering, maybe fighting, etc.
  • the professions could unlock recipes, so that the PC could only craft swords, if he is a smith
  • maybe professions have a level, that must be increased to unlock a new recipes
  • maybe professions trainer sell level or recipes
  • maybe only one profession per PC
  • great suggestions combination: “Crafting - Gathering Resources”, “Crafting - Items” but also “More Items - Auctions House”
  • additional: like the whole Crafting-System, this suggestion is really advanced and maybe something for a far later version of the game

PC - Questlog:
Atm the player doesn’t know, which quests the PC had received or solved. Only in the history tab is a entry like “received a quest” or “solved a quest”.

  • new tab for PC’s, with all their active and closed quests
  • maybe with information’s like name, quest-giver, region (quest-giver or target or both), rewards
  • maybe a symbol like “received”, “completed”, “now active”, (“open” - would be to many), (“failed” - see “Quest-Failed” Suggestion)
  • maybe a link to the quest-giver

PVP-option as Region-option:
Atm the player decides for the whole game, if PVP is allowed or not. But this leads sometimes to Level 1 Players that fight PVP instead of leveling and go to the next region.

  • the player should have the possibility, to select PVP as a global setting or as a regional setting
  • in the regional setting, the player can set up regions for PVP fights
  • great suggestions combination: “Fractions”
  • additional: the building or zones for “Arenas” could also give an area where the PC’s “only” can fight PVP

Atm all Quests from one Quest-Giver are chained.

  • possibility to set quests as chained or simultaneously within one quest-NPC (example: one Quest-NPC that have 3 quests, the PC can take all this 3 quests)
  • how it could work ingame: one checkbox in every quest (“require the completion of the quest above”)
  • additional: Quest-Giver can give both, chained and simultaneously quests. 1. Quest, 2. Quest with Chain to 1. Quest, 3. Quest without a Chain, 4. Quest without a Chain, 5. Quest with a Chain to 4. Quest, …

Atm the Class trainer gives the PC’s their new Skills.

  • it would be nice, if the player could set the Class Trainer to different Modes: “Give Skills”, “Selling Skills”, “Quest for Skills”, (maybe “Fight for Skills”)
  • Quest for Skills means, the PC goes to the Trainer, gets a set quest, and becomes the Skill as reward
  • Fight for Skills means, the PC has to fight the Trainer (Trainer become hostile)


  • an option to set some quests (at the quest-NPC) to daily or monthly, so that PC’s can play them more as one time
  • daily is probably a little short timed and it should have a lower priority for the PC’s, so that they not only play this quest
  • great suggestions combination: “PC-Questlog” (-> “daily” notification or other color in the Questlog)
  • additional: maybe this could be also like the challenges in the update menu


  • an option in the quest-menu, that a quest can be failed under some circumstances and an option if the failed quest is replayable or not
  • failure circumstances could be if the PC die while fighting (or general if he dies while playing) or maybe (but maybe to hard) by time

Quest-List in Region-Tab:

  • a tab in the region overview, with a list of all quests there
  • name of the quest and by clicking the player is linked to the quest-NPC
  • maybe you can change XP/Gold settings in this list (faster adjustment for the player)
  • additional: a list with all class trainer in one region, so you can see if you forgot one class trainer in the region (for example if you create a new class)


  • a new quest-giver as an object/decorative like a bulletin board
  • as a workaround, it would work too, if the quest-giver is an invisible block (with question mark above) and the player can build a decoration near the block (but the block should idle and don’t walk like the other Quest-NPC’s)

Atm Quests Rewards are XP and gold.

  • quests could also give (custom) weapons, potions, resources, skills, etc.
  • great suggestions combination: “Crafting - Gathering Resources”, “More Items”


  • quests could have requirements like PC Class (class-related quests), PC Level or other requirements (like Fractions if you like the “Fractions” Suggestion)


  • sometimes player want to build the game without the limits of money or don’t want to build “profitable”. If you create a new game, you can set it as a Sandbox Game (extra checkbox near the tutorial checkbox) and have no building costs and no upkeep costs.

Shop-List in Region-Tab:

  • like the Quest-List-Suggestion, a tab in the region panel with all shops or “named buildings”
  • link to the building by clicking on the list
  • maybe the possibility to adjust prices directly in the list

Streets & Covering:

  • Painting of Floor Covering, for town squares etc.
  • better Streets/Paths system. Sometimes it is hard to place good looking paths at the moment
  • different styles (stones, sand, etc.)
  • maybe a stat bonus for the PC (+1 Speed)

Surviving Mode:

  • like PVP-option, the player can set a surviving-option
  • PC’s have new stats with a drop rate for hunger, thirst, rest
  • rest: Inn’s or maybe resting objects like camp fire etc.
  • thirst: Tavern, (Inn’s) and maybe water (from river/chasm)
  • hunger: Tavern, (Inn’s) and if you like the “Crafting - Gathering Resources” or “More Items” Suggestion, if you defeat some mobs with “eatable resources”
  • more items could be food or drinks, that PC’s could buy and carry in the inventory for “long journeys”
  • the survival option is optionally for the player, so they could decide if it fits in their game
  • maybe (more complex) as an regional option (like the “PVP-option as Region-option” Suggestion), you could make regions with this feature, like an endgame content (PC that leave that region, become 100% satisfaction in these stats and no decrease)

Terraforming :

  • Adjustment/Terraforming of the land, raise or reduce the land and to smooth the land (for example for town building)

Teleports, Flying Paths, Ship Paths (etc.):

  • like the flying paths, but without connection
  • PC’s could travel to all other teleports (or alternative, the player can set a “required level” in the teleport)
  • for gameplay, the teleport is more expensive as the flying path (in bandwidth too) and maybe is limited of one per region
  • the teleports fit more in modern games as the flying path with gryphons, but it would be great if the gryphon could be adjusted by the player too (modelling into flying cabs or something -> maybe Workshop Mod)
  • like the flying path, you could implement a “ship path”, where player could fast travel with a big ship from one coast to another (like WOW, the Ship could travel continuously and the PC’S have to wait to go on board…) (for example, I have two starting zones on opposing sites, an transfer of PC’s would be nice).

Themes :

  • the game style is atm like the classical WoW, Aion, Guild Wars, etc. MMO’s, but it should also give the player’s the possibility for games in other themes, like science fiction games, modern games, etc.
  • terrain like metal, big modern or cyberpunk-like cities, borders as walls instead of mountains would be nice options
  • I think, you can reach more possible players if you don’t limit your game to the classical style. I have played WoW, Aion (shortly), Guild Wars 2 and other games… but I played modern or science fiction MMO’s too and have many friends that “only” play these themes. And I would love to create a cyberpunk game - for example.
  • additional: maybe this is what Workshop Modder could make…


  • (a general Suggestion from my girlfriend)
  • I think Underwater Region could be a transparent water, where the player could easily see trough and build there
  • PC’s must dive, maybe need a “underwater-armor” (“More Items” Suggestion) or the player could build some big glass tunnel and domes above streets and buildings
  • unfortunately I have not big ideas for that Suggestion, but maybe other Players or you have


  • like rain, storm, sunshine, snow, etc.
  • adjustable in the region-tab (maybe with appearance chance)
  • maybe already planed by you? (FX-Tab)

Workshop Content Selection:

  • I don’t really know, how the workshop works and what options you have, but I think modders could make (for example) decorations, models, buildings, “skins” and gameplay mods.
  • I think you should give the player the opportunity to “easily” select, what he wants in his game and what not.
  • Example 1: If I subscribe a decoration or building, it could appear in all games, because it doesn’t disturbs me much (either I’m building it or not)
  • Example 2: A Skin, that changes maybe the Gryphon (Flight Path). I like it in one of my games (fantasy game), but in the other not (science fiction game). So, I need to select it game by game. (It would disturb me to unsubscribe it when I want to play the one game and to subscribe it for my other game).
  • maybe you could make a Workshop Menu, where you can easily select the subscribed mods for all games separately while for example decorative could be always on
  • this is only my opinion and I don’t really know, how the workshop works (for the coder)

я хочу предложить что бы можно было настраивать точки спауна по уровню(что бы допустим могли респаунится на этой точке только игроки 1 уровня, а на той 3).

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I know this thing is literally two years old and outdated but I’m bringing it back up because I just want to say that

  1. These are almost all good ideas.
  2. Some of these have become real so nice prediction.
  3. You spelled Faction wrong every single time (Fraction).

The game is in early access and there is a lot more to do, BUT! If these functions appear in the game, everything else will not matter to me, because. these features will already allow you to play flexibly and deeply again and again despite the small amount of other content.

  1. PvE depth (possibly improved with dungeons). When heroes unite in groups, they do not act as a group and can even scatter to beat each of their monsters. Heroes with healing or shields rarely apply them to allies. “Tank” character is essentially not implemented. Given the functionality of the location of the monsters, this is not much needed. Therefore, there is no depth in PVE, which means that there is no sense in skills and equipment either. Bots will still be happy to play this MMO if the design is beautiful and everything is convenient, even if they only have 2 skills that are the same for everyone and the monsters also have the same skills. That is, we have no requirements from the bots for the depth of PVE and no tools for entertaining the creator (us).
    If we get a raid on bosses and tactics, we can create a tank that tanks and a healer that heals, and those who deal damage will have to have the right combination of skills - then it will be more depth and a large piece of content.
  2. PVP depth. From this part you can make such a large layer of content that all the rest of the content can be just an appendage to this, there is so much fun and excitement for the creator (us as a player) this toolkit can give, and also increase the requirements of bot players for this.
    Yes, the bots fight among themselves, but it’s more like “for show”. Skill conditions and triggers are very small, you can’t set up the logic of the class behavior (because it will be too difficult to program them all - just give a wide tool for the player himself and let him set up the logic of the character’s behavior in pvp, taking into account the skills and remove it from the developer. How it looks A simple example is Dragon Age.

That is like this:
Trigger1 = If you have HP <50% - then apply skill1 on yourself
the player chooses to check the condition on the bot, target or ally, under what condition it works, what will be applied, on whom, and so on. The player chooses each condition himself from the list of given conditions or skills of this class (just skill1 skill2 no matter what they are)
It can also set the order of application (first the skill is like this, then like this, if the target is in this state - then apply it, otherwise - run away and apply skill2, which will be applied if not on CD, otherwise the bot will run away waiting for a rollback)
Is the point clear?

Difficult pvp is a lot of fun for us as an MMO creator that eats up tons of time and makes us play tycoon MMORPG again and again. And that’s just 1v1 pvp! With the addition of arenas, you can create 2v2 and 3v3 tournaments and this will blow our minds as players!

  1. These two things above will already make the game unbeatable. But they will lack equipment and characteristics. Farming gear, getting powerful items from complex monsters and playing with the characteristics of the characters - it fits perfectly into both parts of pve and pvp, and just pumping. I think everything is clear here and everyone can come up with variations on how to do this and what it will affect.
    What is now implemented - the creation of locations, decorations, quests and levels - is ideal and sufficient for the system for obtaining equipment (difficult and scary locations to get the legendary sword? Already done!)

Equipment does not need to be directly created as an image object (although in the future you may). Simply conditional slots and inscriptions are enough, just like with weapons, or the generation of names and characteristics randomly according to a given template.
The player just sets up the template.
The bot can choose equipment with a priority in characteristics, which is set by the player in the class settings. For example, “paladin” will tend to wear equipment that has the most “intelligence” and “strength”, and the mage will ignore equipment that has “strength”
If some class has variations of what they can increase into, then the bot will decide for itself (completely by chance, or by setting in the class) - it will go more into damage or into something else. For example, the same paladin has attacking and healing spells and he needs 2 characteristics. Some bots will go more damage, and some will go more like healers.
This way the player will see what the bots are wearing and adjust it again and again by playing the balance. And this will very much intersect with the setting of classes and dungeon content in PVE and, accordingly, in PVP, and will greatly affect the class rating and the bot’s pleasure from mmo (and of course the player’s pleasure!)

For example, there are no AoE attacks for bots and monsters, which means it is impossible to farm many monsters at a time, and the boss cannot attack the entire party and there is no AoE healing.
Also, a healer in the group will rarely heal or buff a wounded ally. And there is no aggro skill. In general, a group of bots do not work together and this is depressing.

Now game is a “decoration simulator” where nothing depends on the level of location or skills or monsters. Everything that you did in location 1 you repeat over and over again and the interest in the game is immediately lost, because it’s boring.
Scenery, money, network, ratings - these are all additional things that affect the player’s success, but the basis of the game is pve and pvp, which are practically not implemented yet.

I hope the developer understands this (and we understand the complexity of implementing this). But without deep tools in pvp and (or) pve MMORPG Tycoon will not be interesting for more than a couple of days and will remain a game about “look how beautifully I arranged the scenery”

Developer, if you need free help from a longtime gamer and content maker, please email me.
I :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: love your game, I want to help.

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