My overall suggestions after watching and finally getting to play the game

Ability to summon NPC(and an optional summon limit and time limit) - For NPC bosses that summon minions or player classes like conjurer/shaman that summon minions or totems. This is what I really hope we get soon

Ability to Shapeshift - For players who’re druids or shapeshifters(like werewolf) or for abilities that curse the target into say a chicken

Ability to Jump to target - Great for melee characters who need to get in close fast!

Ability to Scare target - Makes target runaway from whoever scared them for X seconds.

Ability to taunt target - For tanks in parties who’re trying to draw attention from their squishier classes.

AOE ability - For attacking or healing multiple targets with one ability.

Hard limit on users allowed online - For people who have low-end computers. Sets a hard limit within the world that stops further players from joining regardless of available space.

Enable/disable resting - Allows or stops players from resting after battle… Meaning they either need to be healed via ability or potion to recover lost health.

Daily quest - Adds a toggle to quests, allowing players to repeat it daily.

Set spawnpoint for class type - Allows you to set which classes can spawn at which spawnpoints. Like how in WoW Taurens, Orcs, Trolls, etc have their own spawns… Perhaps also the ability to make classes premium(cost extra)?

No Class/NPC/Monster creation limit - Seems odd there is a limit on you can design. I’d much prefer this limitation be removed entirely. Just give us a warning regarding performance if that’s the reason.

Rescaling buildings - In my opinion the base scale of buildings are humongous, and it’d be great if we could resize them!

Toggle movement - To stop questgivers, guards or enemies from wandering about when idle.

Recolor/remodel elites - Or really for any NPC. Rather than having to make a new NPC for a boss, let us instead recolor/remodel them after we’ve placed them.

Toggle scenery/building clipping - Allowing us to clip buildings/scenery/paths would allow us to more precisely design locations. Just warn the PC that it may break pathfinding.

Toggle for no bandwith(perhaps for Sandbox?) - I just don’t like having to manage bandwith. I just want to design an MMO… Just give me a flat cost for every subscriber using my server.

Docks/Boats - As new scenery and blocks for players to use… Perhaps even a new way of travel? It’d also be neat to have a big boat players can go to on the ocean, rather than just being stuck on land.

More than 2 factions for players to choose and fight - I know on the roadmap factions and PVP is planned, but I thought I’d throw in the idea of more than 2 playable factions. I know that the staple of most MMOs is 2 factions, but it’d be fun having a third thrown into the mix!

Playing the MMO yourself - This to me would be the COOLEST feature of all… Being able to play the MMO that you made from start to finish at ground view would be awesome! It’d give you a great idea on what needs to be balanced at a much more personal level… Also it’d be pretty funny giving yourself OP buffs and receiving backlash by fans xD

Pets - Cute little NPCs that follow players around, increasing their enjoyment based on how rare(how many players own it)/valuable(price paid/quest difficulty) it is.

Mounts - Make travelling the map faster. Perhaps even a flying mount intended for high-level players?

Player/Clan Housing/Bases - Having players/clans own housing could give them bonuses + be a general place they meet up before questing together.

Bows, crossbows and guns - Cosmetics, equipment and animations for archer, musket or sci-fi classes.

Neutral Zone - Stops factions from being able to fight each other inside this zone. Perhaps to fit an area’s story or act as a general hub.

Additional Currency(ies) - Rather than just outright paying real money, having players spend money(or earn it in a grind >:D) on other currency(ies) may in the long run earn you more money… But it’ll make players more upset.
Also the ability to rename Gold to something else.

Character customization - Right now every looks the same based on their class. To help diversify the players, randomly assigning them different hair and facial hair + skin color would help alleviate this.
Or perhaps alternative models we could design for each class that the AI will pick from?

Chat - Just a fluff feature. Gives you a basic idea of what players think about something in an area of your game, or perhaps you’ll find players complimenting/insulting one another, players from two guilds getting angry with one another, players getting upset about a particular quest/enemy, cheater or expensive real money transaction, etc.

F2P Limit - Have a portion of your game be available for everyone for free, but once they reach a certain part of the map(or level), they’ll have to pay a subscription to play further. Depending on how much they enjoyed their experience will encourage/discourage them to finally pay.

P2P benefits - Benefits for players who’ve bought membership besides access to the full game. Such as increased XP and gold, premium currency, exclusive Inn and spawnpoint access, world bank access, etc.

Max Level - Allow players to establish what the max level is(or atleast increase it further than 20).

Regular Streamers - Rather than just coming back every major update, streamers who really enjoy the game could come back regularly(like once every few days). This kind of streamer would give much less players(let’s say 100 instead of 500) each time they play… Though if they have one too many bad experiences, it’ll not only decrease your reputation with streamers, but also lose them forever. You can try to correct this by giving them free equipment/bonuses(though this may upset players for preferential treatment).

Area Ambience/Music - Allows us to import OGG/Wav/MP3(i know devs have a pref) for areas.

Custom sound effects and voices - Custom sound effects for abilities and voice lines for NPCs being talked to, attacked or killed. Ex: A Questgiver will say “How are ye?” when you speak to them(and can be heard by the PC when close by). When attacked by a member of the enemy faction, they’ll yell “Have at ye!” When they die, they’ll grunt.

Races - Right now we can setup class appearance to look like a certain race, but I’d prefer we still had the eight classes AND races for which players can choose from(giving different stat bonuses + racial ability?).

Skills - Activities outside of combat, like collecting gems, mining, fishing, baking, etc. A good way for players to grind for gold without just farming XP.

Weapon preference - Specifies what type of cosmetic weapon players will get for their class when visiting a smithy(right now warriors are grabbing wands… Pretty hardcore to beat your enemies to death with a stick, but still xD).

Underground and flying locations - Rather than just restricting areas to normal surface land, it’d be neat if there was a Z-level above and below the normal map for locations such as caves or airships/floating islands.

                            \/\/\/\/\/These I've been told are unlikely to be added\/\/\/\/\/

Economy - Creating a world bank akin to one in Runescape would be pretty awesome, where players exchange loot with one another. Items that’re quite common will be very low price on the market, while items that’re extremely rare and sold by a player here will be worth HUGE amounts… Of course, what happens if a player dupes a very rare item and sells it? You’ll have to be extra cautious now with dupers, or the game’s balance may go kapoot!

Item/Equipment drops - As a new reward for completing quests(or a % chance for killing an enemy), us being able to specify what items/equipment players receive would be pretty awesome… Also it’d be neat to see someone wearing a super rare item down the line(like a blue knight helmet that’s like a 0.1% drop).

Equipment creation + changing appearance - The ability to create and customize equipment that is sold/earned within the world, specifying it’s stats + requirements to use it(ie needs to be warrior class + level 10, etc). Players that equip it will show up on their character.

Basic terraforming - The ability to raise, lower and smooth parts of the land. Also a toggle for buildings auto-shaping the land.


Yeah, I like these ideas! It would great to see even half of them in the game :slight_smile:

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