My 4 Suggestions

I really love the game so far, in the < 5 hours of it I have played, but I have four ideas on how to add to and modify the many features within it.

  1. Quest Logic

By quest logic I mean multiple as well as optional objectives in quests. For example, when the quest giver gives an assignment “Kill the Bears”, maybe the objective can be assigned to multiple areas?

Or when the quest giver gives an assignment, “Annihilate Captain of the Skeletons”, you have to kill the captain of the skeletons and his enemy forces?

  1. Custom Elites

Elites always feel like minibosses when I place them, even when I want a boss. When I see the player kill the elite, it feels like they’re just killing a stronger version and not a named, special npc. I think elites should have customizable stats that make them stand out from their species.

  1. Model Bias

I did an experiment loading the presets in the model editor and I found that some models, when their parts are changed, have extremely huger parts than others, for example, and most prevalent, their heads.

A head change in the paladin’s premade model is much, much smaller in size than a head change in the treant or the skeleton’s premade model. I’m not sure if this is a bug or on purpose.

  1. Adjustable XP

This can be sort of a way to customize difficulty, where it can never go below its default, but it can go higher. As the usual 440 XP from level 1 to level 2, maybe a harder game can have 880 XP from level 1 to level 2.

You can adjust the size of the body parts yourself. So you can make the head smaller oder bigger.

I understand that, but my problem is with editing the pre-existing models. The model bias makes it so that when I try to shift the size all the way to 0.5, even at minimum size giant heads are still relatively massive in comparison to the rest of the body.

hm sounds like a bug. I never had that problem.

I also have another suggestion to add NPCs to the scenery tab. Possibly in the way that the monster zone works, the NPC zone would do the same thing except using the NPC tab of the model editor and the NPCs would be passive.

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