More / New Ideas for the future development of this game

Since the other thread has been dead for about a year, I’ll make a new one.

So I played about 15 hour of this game so far and got it 24 hours ago, and I see a lot of promise and great potential for this game, it’s a fanatic idea with a solid footing, however in the current state at most I can see most people getting 20-30 hours (avg) at most, if their a fanatic upwards to 100 max out of this game. So here are some More/New/ ideas that I believe and others as well would assume would make the game have Longer Playtime, Replayability, and Creativity for people who want to create their own world inch by inch, and general players.

Any important points or things I would like addressed first are in bold, P.S I have a little msg at the end

  1. More detail options, I would spend hundreds of hours if I could terraform, customize, and detail every inch of the world make things larger or smaller, maybe more realistic tree sizes or effects/ local sound effects for an area. I could go on but, a far a shorter explanation of this I’ll direct you towards Planet Coaster/ Planet Zoo and how they allow customization of their worlds/parks. I believe that style would fit perfectly with this game, and will increase playtime and benefit the game as a whole. Since both games hinge on a fully custom world

  2. List item Custom Monster Zones

  • Monster Zones can “Host” multiple types of monsters, such as a skeletons, and alligators could be and spawn in the same M.Z, and allow custom spawn rates so you can have a 60% 40% ratio between the two

  • Monster Zone level range, a M.Z could set to spawn level 1-3 monsters while varying the amount of xp they give as well. To add on, like the previous idea, spawn rates, so a level 1 will spawn 60% of the time while 2,3 will only spawn 20% each.

  • Upgrades Monster zones, When you get to a certain point with around 1000+ “players” in logged onto one grid if you have balanced leveled or even 10 danger level M.Z covered on 1/2 the Grid (largest one) the players struggle and spawnkill every mob and there is never a build up. So an upgrade that will increase the spawn rate of monsters, or Increase crowded to possibly Covered/ infested

  1. Research, Upgrades and Random Ideas
  • I understand the whole 1.0 2.0 3.0 updates grants you a new technology in the game, but could their be patches and the 1.0s+ be tiers? So every time you unlock a new research there is a “patch” to the game? So when you reach the 2.0 you don’t unlock only 1 thing but a whole new tier of technology that you can research through money/ dev team, because at the moment there isn’t a balance aspect for cash.

  • Upgraded Facilities- The Inn only housing 1000 people so instead of building 2 3 or 5 when you get to that point, you can research an upgrade that increases the captivity to 2000, 3000 etc

  • Quest Givers and collect quests, your able to place barrels, apple trees, some from of collect quest item/ point where the “player” will have to travel to all location marks on the collect quest

  • Mobs drop “loots” for quests, so a quest giver can request “3 swords from the zombies” and each zombie will have custom drop rate a player can assign, and if the drop rate is 1% the “player” will get frustrated with the game and quest since he isn’t get the requited quest item

  • Region levels aren’t a set level but can be restricted for anyone under that level, and/or the AI will rather prefer to be in a region the same level as it is. (I’ve had my level 1’s go thro 5 zones to my level 6 areas and complain about dying to much and I’m more impressed they walked there without doing the 100 missions first)

  • have another type of wall (possibly invisible unless clicked on) that makes it so my “Players” don’t run off in the quickest way but the roads

  • We can see what quests a “player” has and which one they’re trying to complete at the moment

  • Weapons, Armor, and potions can be further customized in the corresponding shops. So the Player (real) can make a “common” level 5 weapon do X amount of more damage when attacking and have it cost 10 gold, or a “legendary” level 5 weapon to do X amount more damage and cost 100 gold. Also have it scale separately rom the base damage since 5 damage early game could do ~730 20 levels later

  • Trainers will be able to get a quest for a spell/ ability/ attack, or gold price and customize so one trainer may know more than another does

  • You can Shrink or grow a size of a prop/ scenery

  • More path types

  • Have Mobs look different when higher level

  • Be able to customize damage and health at later levels rather than a compounding interest of 30% each level

  • Be able to upgrade player experience such as interface, server lag, ping (servers in EU, SA, NA, CIS, etc.)

  • More Biomes- Hell, underworld, plains, snowy plains,

  • More Landmarks- Churches, Statues, ruins

  • Effects/atmosphere - Fire, sallow rivers, webs, wind, a catapult firing, raining, cloudy, environmental parts that move

  • Maybe more than just graveyards be a respawn point, what about a ship, or fountain or something.

  • more building types, and scenery/ props

  • Building sets can be entered with player’s permission for a quest/ quest giver

  • Have a Copy and Paste mode

  • Different walls, Barriers

  • more types of plants and décor

  • “players” will lose money in game (set amount can be set by player) so when they die they lose 50% of their current cash

  • Banks are a new building where players can store their money

  • Add Critical Chance for double damage, different types of attacks such as water fire physical, may have resistance or buffs to monsters, Strength- when applied the creature does X% more damage, Chance to X (I.e chance to bash 10%, chance to crit 10%, chance to root 10%) Attack X many times( I.e attack 5 times for 1 damage each with a 10% to bash)

  • Attack animation for bows

  • Have a Monster Zone option for multiple monster attack a hero or singular (group of 4 for singular will have 4 attack them) and if multiple monsters attack a "player have an aggro range where they run to "re-enforce the other. This also leads into Aoe Attacks, Spells and buffs and debuffs

  • Reasons why a class wants to be buffed or nerfed I.E damage health

  • Collectable that “players” will want to grind to get/ buy from other "players"

  • Solo group of players can fight an elite together

  • Runes that “players” can buy and equip

  • Some sort of gate that doesnt allow “players” below X level in so you can have a level 5 zone only in a level 1 recommend grid

  • option to flatten mountains

  • Since with dungeons and bosses coming soon so more xp, Possibly a higher level cap

  • You can see what items “players” have equipped

  • Server crashes from to much network strain

  • Add “rare” skins that “players” can pay or unlock and will be happier when having, the more there are however the less happy the person is
    *Reports be 24 hours because you can easily accumulate 100,000 of any one

  • Have bosses (not just elites)

  • Have the Path connect to buildings

  • Mentioned this Prior but nerf parties by having combat be a 4v4 or whatever 1:x ratio is

  • Holiday events
    *Admins/ Mods that ban cheaters, and maintain chat

  • Main Quest line that Players will tend to follow

  • Larger the game the more, and more often streamer will play

  • If you increase the level increase island size

  • Speed Should not effect outside combat speed

  • Add flying Creatures (harpies, bats angels)

  • Mounts

  • Players can rent a home other than an inn, it can be upgraded for happiness

  • A tech for unlimited Monster Designs

  • A calendar for events such a 50% off weekend

  • Steam Workshop Support

  • Stronger/ Powerful uplink

  1. Annoying "Features/ fix for them/ Bug"
  • When creating a hero class, being unable to drag a preset into a slot that has been filled up already

  • Mass delete When detailing a project I was working on, I placed about 200 scenery props, until deciding I didn’t like where I placed it, I know you can delete props Via a new biome but it can be messy and get more than I wanted to delete

  • why does the biome/ terrain tool delete props/ scenery I made an area and decided it would look nicer if it was more dirty, so I put the desert tool down and had to reload a save.

  • Permanet S tier Class, even though I nerfed it to 1 health 0 attack and waited 2 days everyone still claimed it was S tier

  1. The Update "Dungeons Concerns"
  • From how the developers (if this is the devs, Hi) are describing this update the heroes will walk into the portals and pop outside of the map for however long and them pop back into existence on the main island/world, and that if that’s how it’s planned out to be, I feel its outside the nature of the game and is disrespectful of the idea itself. This game is to create your own MMORPG world, not place down a portal to a empty space to store the heroes and then back again. There could be preset dungeons, but a player should be able to view and watch the heroes/ “players” go through the dungeon, even if it isn’t on the main island and be able to customize it to how they want.

  • My Ideas for Dungeons (If I could code)

  • Each Dungeon has servers with X amount of slots per server (possibly customizable by the actual player)

  • The amount of servers per dungeon can increase through research/ networking. Ex 20/ 40/ 60/ 80/100

  • Each Dungeon portal clicked upon will have a preset level 1-20 dungeon, or the player can make their own custom dungeon

  • Preset/ Custom dungeons will have and objective list/ questline. Ex. Kill 5 elite Zombies, collect the key to unlock the gate, And defeat the Boss.

  • Dungeon Bosses Should have another tab from regular Monster/ Elites

  • Dungeons should have a preset mob amount and location (like elites), so instead of a zone, a player could have a horde of alligators guard an objective, and once killed more don’t spawn

  • When creating a dungeon after clicking on the dungeon teleporter there is a view and create mode where through the magic of coding transports you to a single zone area to construct your own, or watch “Players” go through a dungeon

I know being a small indie team is hard and making a game isn’t all fun and games, if I came off rude or bit demanding, I did not mean it that way. I know I gave you a million and one ideas, fixes and tweaks about your game, and its your projects not mine. But this game is a amazing idea and project and I want to see it succeed, so I want to inject my creativity, ideas, and criticisms to make it the best game it can be, and not another failed indie game. This game is very fun and a lovely experience I hope you guys keep working hard on it.

Best wishes Zach