More classes, changeable amount of classes and class paths.

Hey! I just crossed 100 hrs and I just cant get enough of this game! But i personally feel like it’s really lacking in the class department.

8 Classes personally just isn’t enough for me, most mmo’s have 10+ classes and several paths a class can take, so I would really love it if the classes was increased to 12 or maybe we could just choose ourselves how many we wanted! Designing the classes for me is probably the most fun part in this game atm, so having more would give great depth and enjoyment to the game!

Class paths (specs) could also be really fun, 2-3 paths a class have to choose from at lvl 10?

Lastly maybe add a checkbox at the class menu for caster or melee weapons? Warriors with wands and Mages with huge axes is looking a bit wonky imo.

Anyhow, keep up the great work on this amazing game! Looking forward to the future!

Hey @Abjector, so glad to hear you’re enjoying the game and thanks for the feedback! We’re still in Early Access, so feedback like this is really helpful to understand what players are enjoying about the game. I’ve taken note of all your feedback and will pass it on to our team! :slight_smile:

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I agree with you about the class creation, I think I’ve spent more time designing classes and monsters than anything else. I would definitely love to see more with the class customization and more slots

I agree and concur that most of my in-game time is spent in the class-creation menus. Absolutely love the customization available so far and really want to see more.