Monster stacking and stopping players

Issue: Monsters stack on themselves, “releases” when you click Respawn, but until then the mobs are bugging players.
Crash (y/n): No
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows
Version number: 0.19.48-g6b72485_win64
Description: I noticed that the mobs in my areas are collecting, stacking up on one point. This leads to them not interacting with other players, and sometimes there are players “stuck” under them. Pressing ‘Respawn now’ on the area, completely resets the issue, and players are released as well, which can be noticed by the h u g e instant spam of XP/DEAD in the area. (My first thought was that it was just players killing more since there suddenly were more mobs, but it happens even if there are no other visible players present at the moment.)

I hope you can help, I did check the forums and online but I didn’t manage to find any similar issues, maybe it’s an older one that’s so obvious how to bypass and I’ve just missed it - I am quite new and learning the game after all.

Picture attached with the lump of bears for example!
I couldn’t find a way to upload the save file here even after rar:ing it, but I did submit the save file to dev through ingame desktop, with the caption “mob stacking” or similar!

This should be fixed in the current build. Update through Steam. Let us know if it still happens!