Monster spawns are sometimes very sparse

I’ve encountered a bug in 0.17.147 on Linux where sometimes when placing down monster spawning zones the zones end up being extremely sparse - there are large “bald spots” spanning several “tiles”. Changing spawning density does not affect the bald spots. Alt-tabbing in and out of game will cause the monsters to appear.

I’ve checked the monster count before and after alt-tabbing, and it looks like the actual number of monsters is not affected; the count with and without the bald spot was the exact same, so the bug is likely somewhere within your rendering code.

Here’s some screencaps of the issue.

20201015220131_1 20201015220112_1 20201015220108_1

Yeah, that looks like a big square bald patch in that monster zone, which sounds like the system thinks that square isn’t in view and is hiding all the monsters in it.

Does it keep happening if you look away and then back toward it? And what about after a save/load? If it keeps happening after save/load, it’d be fantastic if you’d submit the save to me so I can look at it more closely! (In the desktop interface, go to the ‘Load Backup’ tab for the game, select the save which has the problem, and click ‘Submit to devs’, which will automatically upload the saved game to me so that I can take a look)

I’ve tried moving the camera around, and it looks that given enough movement the monsters will “pop” in. However, it seems to be very inconsistent in terms of movement required - sometimes a slight nudge is enough, othertimes I can zoom all the way out or orbit the spot for a good minute without any effect.

The issue does not seem to appear when loading - I tried half a dozen times and the “bald spots” never persisted. I assume it might be possible that it corrects itself because of the large amount of camera movement during the loading “cutscene”?