Monster area Not visable

Issue: unable to see where mosnter areas are placed.
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows
Description: it used to be that that when placing a monster zone the area would be coloured it seems that at the moment money is taken but the area is not given a visual representation.

When you’re on most of the edit tabs, you should be able to see monster zones fully colored. This should work 100% when you’re looking downward from an altitude, and should be like 95% working from a forward view (although sometimes when they extend up mountains or something they can get far enough away that they fade out)

In the ‘Inspect’ view, they just draw a light outline; no colored body.

Can you post an aerial screenshot of what you’re seeing, just to verify?

i’ll get you a screen shot. I just noticed that roads arnt rendering. the place and i can see the terrain move but the texture is missing i wonder if this is related.


Yes, the roads and the monster zones are both rendered onto the terrain using the same system. If one is failing, both are likely to be failing.

Region tints are handled using a similar-but-different system. Can you open up a region info window and try changing the region’s tint, to see if that works?

tint doesnt make a diffrence. I can see the lines of the read when in grid mode and the green is visable.

here are some screen shots.

Yeah, wow, you have no grid lines in the edit mode at all, which also used that system.

Can you quickly switch yourself to the ‘past’ branch in the Steam build and see if that stuff comes back? Let’s make sure that it’s something that changed in the game recently, and not anything to do with your graphics driver. :slight_smile:

i found out whats causing it.

I have shadows turned off because my laptop hates them. when I swithc it to low roads turn back up. as do monster areas.

looks like some of the things rely on shadow being switched on at least only a little bit.

Whoah… they totally shouldn’t depend on shadows! Everything works fine for me here when shadows are disabled, but let me investigate a little; see if I can see anything suspect in my code.

my settings if it helps

Weirdly switching it back to off hasnt made the things disappear again…

Maybe a weird rendering glitch because I deleted my town with terrain…?

Hmmm… weird! Destroying buildings with terrain changes isn’t causing that behaviour for me… keep an eye open and see if it happens again?

Also if it happens again, try resizing the window or toggling fullscreen modes and see if that kicks it back into place; doing either of those things basically reinitialises rendering entirely.

I think it may have been broken from world creation. I noticed that grass is now visible which wasn’t the case before.

Will keep an eye out for it.

I just started a new game and got the same thing.

Not sure what I’ve done to break it. Also, the infinite water plane is gone for me. Not sure what I’ve done to break everything.

Edit: …and I can’t get it to happen again. It just happened precisely once, entirely at random?

Yay the best kind of bugs. Random ones

Found the bug! Got a fix coming really soon.

It happens if you load/create a game with shadows disabled. If you ever turn shadows on, the bug goes away until the next time you load/create a game with shadows disabled, when it might come back.

What’s happening is that due to a variable not being initialised correctly during startup, if shadows are turned off from the start, the game gets confused and always thinks that it’s drawing the shadow map, and so when the game draws the main map, it ends up only drawing the things that can cast shadows.

So as a result, you don’t get terrain texture details, you don’t get distant water, etc. Man, feels good to have that one figured out!

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Fixed in build 0.14.0.