Money is not being affected by purchases or profit/loss

Issue: money is not being used or made
Crash (y/n): no
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows
Currently money is not being used or added and doesnt seem affected by purchases or profits/losses.


In bringing in the new finance screen in the last new version, I got rid of the old finance screen, and it turns out that the old finance screen was handling a few of the calculations for the displayed money amounts. Now that it’s not a screen any more, it’s not doing those calculations, and so the on-screen money indicators aren’t updating.

EDIT: They should update correctly if you save/load, but otherwise will not be showing the correct amount of available cash. (Although money is being spent and acquired) Will have this fixed in the next build.

Nope, they aren’t even saving and loading correctly. Fix coming soon! :slight_smile: