Modular Buildings have a Bandwidth cost

Since the Modular Buildings are in the “Buildings” category, they not only seem to be a bit overprized (which is okay, even if it is a bit weird that they cost as much as an inn) but they need bandwidth, and a lot of that too.

Where before one Uplink was enough for 1-2 regions, now I need 2 Uplinks per region. I personaly find it a bit strange that they need bandwith since they are only a piece of scenery without a real usage for the players.

I just want to know if that is something wanted or some kind of oversight, since it feels a bit weird to me.

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I think the cost is balanced considering how much players seem to like seeing them, plus the fact that you can use them as quest objectives. They’re too expensive to use for farmhouses and such all over the place, but they work well for giving cities more character and as occasional quest objective buildings. 2-3 buildings in a city seems to always make all the players in that zone a lot happier.

If you think of them as super-scenery that costs a lot but make the nearby area extremely interesting, the cost and bandwidth are more reasonable. I used to think that they were overpriced, but after playing around with them some more I think they would be extremely overpowered if they weren’t so expensive.

Yeah, I think that somewhat sounds right, but I did a little test a bit earlier.

I created a monster zone, since you can see the “beauty” of it and I tried to test how different objects influence this beauty. It didn’t matter which I choose, everything increased the beauty by ~0.06, sometimes 0.07, but that seems to have something to do with rounding. Therefore it’s the same statwise, only that a modular building costs 100x the money of any scenery item and needs bandwidth. The only upside would be the use for Quests, but in my opinion that price increase for that is just a bit over the top.

Unless I miss something important, it seems… unfair? These buildings are mainly meant to give your zone some flavor, make it beautiful, to be creativ (at least thats how I understand them), but if you want to build a little town the costs would be immense. And someone who “just” wants to make in more “beautiful” could just throw a few flowers in it until it’s at max beauty. Maybe there is something else to it or nothing at all, but I do feel a little bit punished to use them for scenery. At least if I want to do something like a little city.

(btw, sorry if I sound a bit mean or something like that, english is not my first language and I can’t always express myself in the way I would want to.)


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If uplink is a costly means of providing bandwidth to your zone consider using Fiber to connect your zones together so your zone can get the excess bandwidth from other zones who are not as busy and have excess to spare. If you run cables close the mountain (zone walls) then running the Fiber (to the left of the cable) won’t cost much at all. and you are using the bandwidth you are already paying for to support a zone which needs more.