MMORPG Tycoon 2 - Impressions and wishes

Hello MMORPGT2 players and hopefully Devs!

First let me say, I cannot stop playing this game and beautifying the world. We are trying to get little fake player addicted to the game but I’m the one who’s hooked. Bravo! It’s not easy to get me to play a game for hours on end anymore. I’m a software engineer who’s been gaming for the past 27+ years. As my job requires me to sit at a computer most of the day I have a hard time bringing myself to sit and stare at a screen much more than I have to. Also let me preface by saying I have NOT played all this game has to offer.

Here is a list of things I would love to see in the game or things I’d love to see expanded upon

Crafting and Gathering
I would love to be able to allow my “players” the ability to craft items in the game. It could open up a new flavor of player as well, crafters and gatherers. You the player would place the nodes, design what the nodes look like and set spawn rates.

Items and Inventory
Every MMORPG has noteworthy items. We’ve all seen Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker spammed in WoW. It would be awesome to be able to design our own items for the players similar to how we can design the player characters themselves. Change the model, size, power, groovy glowy effects, and maybe an additional ability for the character using it. Set drop rates, what mobs can drop the items etc… When dungeons come out this would be a pretty fantastic feature to have for bosses/raid bosses. I’m not sure how feasible it would be to have a whole inventory display for each “player pawn” but that would be really sweet to see. Especially when we see “item dupers” it would be amusing.

With the implementation of the above item system players being able to buy and trade would be awesome.

Having pre-canned semi-RNG messages from players in a chat panel. Being able to see these “jerks” in chat and banning them would be a nice way to stop them. I think it would be pretty straight forward for “Player pawns” to reference things in the world by name, perhaps complain in chat about dying to specific monsters/areas, asking to party at x location etc. Trading? :slight_smile:

When I unlocked parties I noticed almost EVERY player would join a party. It seemed they would stop doing quests and just “grind” with the party to level up. This I found to be a bit annoying, I’d love to see some more party criteria for our “players”. If we look at why real players group up for example we have 1. A player would group up for a dungeon 2. a player would group up if they “I keep dying” at a specific location. 3. Socialize. I feel there is some really cool work that could be done to improve this feature. :slight_smile:

Currently it looks like the call for nerfs from players comes strictly from the classes DPS. This poses issues with creating a traditional “DPS, Tank, Healer” based role system. The DPS always gets called for nerfs but the DPS class dies 10x more often solo than the tank or healer class and actually requires some buffs. Keeping into consideration Heals per second for healers and base health/utility duration for tanks when scoring classes would help.

Thanks so much for the countless hours of fun I’ve had and will be having. I love the look of the roadmap and will be awaiting each feature eagerly!


Bump, this should be noted or at least be in top category.

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some kind of economy and trade would be nice indeed. there are items that fit the player and dont, after all. creating some kind of a central hub where you trade would be interessting as well …

crafting would be an enormous challenge for you as a player. you would have to define each and every item after all

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