MMORPG Tycoon 2 Challenge - How well do you know MT2?

Hello everyone, we hope you’re having an amazing 2022 so far! While we eagerly await the Dungeons update, we thought we should test our knowledge of the existing MMORPG Tycoon 2 items… How many of these do you recognise? The answers will be posted in a separate post in 1 hour. They’re listed in order of ascending difficulty!

Challenge 1:

Challenge 2:

Challenge 3:

Challenge 4:

Challenge 5:

Challenge 6:

Hints are below if you’re feeling stuck!
Challenge 1 Hint:Only the most refined subscribers buy their drinks here.
Challenge 2 Hint: Green and growing with a twist.
Challenge 3 Hint: Some eagle-eyed players have already looked up to notice the problems with this model.
Challenge 4 Hint: This field tastes better than other fields.
Challenge 5 Hint: There’s three of me, and we all say something different.
Challenge 6 Hint: You dictate my form, but not my temperature.