MMORPG TYCON 2 - Proposals and requests.

Hello, first of all sorry if there are mistakes in English, I am French but I would do my best. :slight_smile:
First, I bought the game as soon as it was released and I thank you for the exceptional quality (I love Tycon, but this game turned my brain around positively :slight_smile: ).

Since I am a fan of gameplay, I have made a small list of things that I think could be improved or placed in the future of your game:

  • The walls can be crossed by the players (well it is not annoying but that means that they only serve as decorations).
  • All objects can be crossed also.
  • Could there be a choice on: activate / deactivate PvP mode on the regions desired.
  • More choice on the creation of Monsters / Players.
  • More decoration (Scenery and Building).
  • More choice in terms of attack types (Melee Range, Missile & Sniper).
  • Perhaps, when you take control of a character of the โ€œplayerโ€ type, be able to make sure to โ€œplay completely for himโ€ (carry out the quests, send emojis to the other player, be part of a guild or create it so that it continues, but without getting lost staying on a player indefinitely of course).

Again I really love what you do.

You can debate below to propose things, to say that you do not agree with what I propose (yes because it is a forum and you have full rights) :slight_smile: