Milestone 16 · MMORPG Tycoon 2 Devblog

Milestone 16 is possibly our most exciting milestone build yet. Not least because it means that we’re rapidly approaching Early Access!

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I’m so excited! Been keeping half an eye on your progress over the years ever since you first announced a sequel to MMORPG Tycoon, and I can’t believe it’s finally almost ready for early access! Honestly thought the day might never come, so seeing your updates always makes me happy.

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It’s kind of terrifying! But exciting, too!

The game still needs a bunch of metagame progression to be implemented; to me, it still feels just a little bit too much like a raw simulation, rather than like an authored game which gives the player a real sense of forward progress as they play. But… it’s nearly to the state where I’m ready to throw the doors open wide and let more people have a play with it!

Goddamn bro, im waiting for this game from the beginning haha
Im so proud when i check your updates :v:

Thanks, Merci!

Lots and lots of announcements coming really soon! First one is that we’ll be showing at PAX Australia this weekend! Right now most of my time is going into the logistics of doing that; I haven’t been on top of posting updates as much as I should, but I need to get back to that!