Merging selection header into info window

In version 0.13.12, I’ve implemented something that I’ve been thinking about doing forever; I’ve taken the “selection header”; the little box at the top center of the screen that shows basic information about whatever you’ve selected, and smashed it into the front page of the Info Window. I then set it up so that selecting somebody will automatically open the info window, showing that data that used to be in the selection header. (Previously, you had to select someone, then click on a little ‘info’ icon to open the info window)

In this build, I’ve only done this when you select a simulated player. Selecting anything else (monsters, NPCs, buildings, etc) still works in the old way; you get the selection header, then click the ‘info’ button to get to their info window.

I’m very interested in people’s reactions to this change; does this feel like a good change? If people like it, I’ll make everything work this way, and just get rid of the selection header entirely. If not… well, I’ll have more of a think. I’d be quite grateful if folks would post their thoughts below, after playing with the new interface a little! Or just vote, if you don’t have words. :smiley:

#Should the MMORPG-style selection header be merged into the Info window?

  • Yes, and deselecting someone should close their Info window automatically.
  • Yes, and deselecting someone should leave their Info window open, until I close it explicitly.
  • No, the two should remain as separate windows.
  • …what?

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