McFuzz's Big Suggestion List

Hello! I bought the game the other day and I really love the form it’s taking. I’m not here to ask for something nebulous like ‘add multiplayer’ or anything to do with the internal mathematics, but just some real suggestions for content on where I think the game could benefit a lot!

I think what is important is to add enough options so that you’re not just plonking down the same things in every region. Like in Parkitect and other Tycoon games, the fun comes from having lots of options for each new area. Of course, this is all content which takes time, but anyway here’s my big list of nonsense that might already be planned, oops lol.


Add ‘team’ based PVP
Since the WoW roots are so ingrained, have the option assign each starter region a ‘team’. Like say, horde and alliance. Could allow later regions to be neutral and then become a team’s region based on player count or controlling a structure. Then if a player from team 2 enters a region from team 1, team 1 players are hostile to the team 2 player. They’ll need something to fight over though.

Guild Hall
This gives players a structure to capture for region control, and can probably serve other purposes if guilds and/or factions are in the plan.

Resource nodes
For when an item and/or crafting system is implemented. Gives the team idea some more depth as well as makes the players more interesting. Could be just a passive buff to the player, or upgrades an item or skill that they have.


Town Area Painter
Much like the monster area, allow us to paint areas for towns. Maybe even give the town a name. Encourage socialising and party-finding in these areas.

Town sqares
Pretty self explanatory. Maybe comes with a ‘quest board’ NPC. I just want somewhere nice, flat, and decorated to plonk all my NPC’s.

Better roads
Painting our own roads on the terrain would be the best option here, and it would allow us to build our own town squares. If paint-to-place paths can’t be implemented, consider more road options (use Cities: Skylines for influence. Width, density, type, etc.)

Premium Shoppe
You’d need a way to make the stuff here better than the regular shops, but would make more sense for free to play MMOs to charge more money for some things.

Class-Specific Quests and items
Can place down questers that look like the class but I think other classes still take quests. I’d like to make a quest for Mages to visit the Mage trainer without making EVERYONE visit the mage trainer.

Configurable buildings in monster zones and/or the wilderness that players enter to find loot and complete quests. Ability to set a difficulty and/or player party number and customise the outside much like the scenery editor. Customising the inside would be cool for something laaaaaaaaate in the roadmap.

Regular bridges for passing over canyon terran
Or whatever that big hole in the terrain is called. Road straight over them and make the road become a bridge automatically, or add another road type in the path menu for it.


More ability types
Summon, AoE, DoT, debuff, buff, heal, weapon attack, auto-attacking, equipment skills: just to name a few.

A better ability screen
Here’s an idea: Give us a hotbar that we can slot class skills into, complete with little pictures. Mouse over them to see the stats. That is not only easier to understand but way more fun! Very MMO-ey too.

Help me understand the class and ability window better!
I think instead of dealing in individual numbers, it might make more sense to deal in percentages? Self Cost Mana - 10% ; enemy damage 40%. Of course you’d need to account for level scaling and monster stats, but it just feels easier to understand that way.

Cheater stuff - Explain the downside of cheating and show how they effect the game
As far as I know, the only adverse effect to cheaters is that they make a lil’ pink dot on my cheater checker. Secondly, just being able to look and see who’s a cheater is easy; implement some way to make hints, like recent thoughts and/or seeing ‘cheater trails’ without just outlining who is a cheater.

Please remove the Apply button from the class and monster creator and make it automatic
The cancel button is there, I can use that if I’m not happy with my decisions. More often than not I spend time fiddling then accidentally click off or click the other windows to check not remembering it’s gonna wipe everything then, oops. Bye changes :frowning:

Auto-buffing/nerfing seems pressed milquetoast. Change it to Auto Balance.
I have no idea of the maths involved here from the programming side, but as it current stands, casual players (irl one, not game ones lol) would benefit a lot more from having a ‘please average out my character class’ button, or an auto button, rather than a button that changes the stat of an attack by 0.1

More everything
More monsters, more buildings, more NPC quest giver types, more landmarks. Different flavours of buildings like leafy inns and haunted taverns. More buttons to fill out the menus, more things to spend more on, more ways to spend money. Moooore game, give me moooooore game TREVOR!

I’m going to keep playing this game when I get home, where I will probably have more things to add to the list. I really like this game, it’s super ambitious! I hope to see it grow into something wonderful :smiley:


I like a lot of your suggestions and some of them I am pretty sure he is working on (like dungeons). However, I really like the idea of an open world pvp system where players are fighting over resources, hopefully that would be something you would specifically have to tech into and would be quite deep in the chain. The premium shop is pretty neat as well, I like the idea of running a p2w MMO, hopefully it doesn’t get too complicated for the sole developer.

As for the apply button for customization, I agree to remove the apply but maybe add an undo button in place of cancel. Also I feel like somethings you suggested goes without saying but maybe he wasn’t planning on adding it and you stating could be a deciding factor in going forward with it.

Great stuff :slight_smile:

I realize this post is super old, but I am extremely hoping for instanced dungeon designing and end-game raid designing content.

I am so hype for where this game can go. The possibilities are endless.