Mass unsubscribing, but why?


Fantastic game You’ve made. Can’t wait to see the end result!

First time I played, well second time… Ihad like 3000 subs. Used a lot of time decorating, hours! Made 4 zones. Everything went fine.
But suddenly they started to unsubscribe. And rating went from 300 good/30 bad to 200 good/300 bad.

And I lost all my subs. Tried commercial, more decorating, more quests, everything had power and everything looked good. All the classes was more or less balanced… and they could kill the monsters.

What I hope you can make is an indication on why the subs quit.

Yes you have the “what’s going on” tab with some useful info like “beautiful “ and “I like the quest “ but no indication on why they left. Did not mess with sales prize or sub fee.

Should be a window with not only positive and negative, but what they actually lack and why they quit or unsubscribe.

Anyone else has this issue?

Can’t wait for more stuff to put into my game worlds and looking forward to see the end product!!

You said you’ve spend hours decorating, maybe time was running and all your players leveled up to max level, and becamed insatisfied because of the lack of new content for this “max level” If you’ve made 4 zones i suppose max zone-level is 4, and players who’ve reached level 5 doesn’t have anywhere to continue playing.

I’m absolutely not shure of what i’m saying, but at the moment there is nothing special to do for player exept leveling so it might be some problems with max-level players.

When I decorate I usually set on pause. And I had like 50 players on lvl 5, but the rest was 1-4. And even lvl 1-2 players quit.

My issue here is that I don’t know why my rep got so low, and I guess that’s the reason why all the players left. So it would be awesome to know why They quit. Like a un-sub logg or something :slight_smile:

This is probably unrelated to what you’re reporting, but…

There’s a bug in the current ‘default’ Steam build (which has been there for a long time), which can result in the game incorrectly charging your subscribers their subscription fees again, during the game load. Usually players have their daily entertainment budgets topped up at the start of a day immediately before the subscription comes due, and so it all works out fine… but if this bug happens, it just immediately demands another subscription fee of the players, without even topping up their funds first!

If you’re seeing a lot fewer subscribers after a load than you had during the save (or a lot more money than you had during the save!), then you’ve probably been bitten by this bug! It’s fixed in the current ‘test’ build, and will be moving to ‘default’, soon.

RE: the larger issue of not having a good “reasons why people have unsubscribed” report, I definitely do need to provide that soon!