Love the game! Found some issues? Have some inputs :)

Overall I <3<3<3 this game! Can’t wait for more features, quest types, customizable dungeons using these path/nodes & being able to have our own player client and playing in the same world with friends via LAN or the internet! Its great

Parties often travel at slower speeds than individuals of the same class for some reason. when engaged in combat or other activities their speed seems to remain normal. It looks like player’s actual speed can be set to 1.1 or 1.4 etc, but it doesn’t reflect this in game GUI. (damage has decimal places but speed does not)

Not sure how log player logs are kept, but instead of “I keep dying” maybe say “i died”, but if they died within the past 24 hours, then they get “i keep dying” which could have a worse modifier. (if players save a daily log of important psych/game events they we evaluate their gameplay over time and they could make decisions accordingly)

Even at 50 devs, there are usually around 10 bugs in game. The GM’s should help weed out hackers if they don’t already. (its fun to be able to hunt for hackers but it is tedious and should not be necessary unless out of control. maybe have a global hacker # detector to encourage searching manually)

Players seem uninterested in quick travel if it costs 10G or more. Considering every mob drops loot worth 10G, seems like its not that expensive. On that note, should be able to change the % rate of mob drops, and how much they are worth by going into the SHOP. There is an option to set GOLD/$ as an option in the shop, and its unclear if thats to use it? Is it like sales tax, a cost deducted after selling items?

Weapons will probably be overhauled when more items are introduced, but I really like the fact that they break over time, encouraging them to spend more G. It would be nice to be able to set the durability, and know how that mechanic works with the item overhaul. On that note, players could collect cosmetic items that dont affect their stats, achievement items like rings/trophies/jewlery that affect their psychology, basic weapon, basic armor, MP potions, (also exp buff potions),

Please have an option to set the aggro range on mobs, as well as a (faction) assist option to help nearby mobs of same faction. Hopefully when factions are introduced players will assist each other instead of just their party.

Thanks for reading! Awesome game, and hope the input helps :slight_smile:

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Saw the post about how player deaths are a known issue and to ignore.

Would be nice to be able to edit player abilities from the saved tab and have them update said skills players know alread themselves instead of having to do it all manually.