Localization messed up in latest patch

Hi there, not sure if it has been reported yet, but in german language most of the localization is messed up now after the last patch. On the buttons and on most dropdown menus I got $$ everywhere.

Not a huge problems since I can still figure out what is what, but it was working correctly before the patch.

Thanks for reporting; I’ll check it out this morning!

Ah, I see what’s happened! I’ll be putting a fixed build up on the “test” branch as soon as possible (right now Steam’s upload servers are inaccessible; I assume they’re doing maintenance; usually that only takes an hour or two)

About a day before this latest patch, the community translation service we’ve been using released an update to their service; every string now gets passed through Google Translate to provide an automated machine translation. This is to prevent folks from “farming karma” by doing that themselves and taking credit for the automated translations. It appears that any user-provided translation which exactly matched the Google translation was deleted as part of this change, and was replaced by the same string marked as being automated.

All of that’s fine; it’s just a change of attribution so the translation is attributed to Google, instead of to a user. A whole bunch of our translations of single-word strings were marked as being identical to Google Translate translations in this way. The gotcha is that by default, the localisation software doesn’t trust those automated Google translations unless they’ve received several upvotes to confirm that it’s definitely right.

So what happened here is that some translations we already had exactly matched Google’s automated translations, so the upvoted translations were replaced by new “automated”-tagged translations which didn’t keep the upvotes from the original translations. And because I wasn’t aware of the change when I did the final translation update before the build, I didn’t realise that a lot of those translations weren’t being included in the translation data I exported into the game, and that I needed to tick an extra checkbox in the export functionality to include them.


I’ve got a fix going into the next build, which will be up on the ‘Test’ branch on Steam once the upload service is back online again. It’ll be using the Google Translate suggestions even if they haven’t received votes yet, if there are no human-authored translations available. That obviously isn’t ideal, but at least the strings will be there in German, even if the translations aren’t always perfect.

And in the case of the translations which vanished between 0.17.109 and 0.17.122, those automated translations happen to be identical to what we were using already (which is why they vanished), so they should be fine.

And of course, anybody with an interest in helping out and with fluency in English and German can help improve the translations just by visiting this site and voting for the best translations over here.

Thanks so much for pointing out the problem! And also a huge thanks to everybody who has already contributed their time or knowledge toward the localisation project, or who does so in the future! :smiley: