Lighting bug with networking items

Issue: if you move the camera close to a wan or uplink (not tried others yet) you get a werd lighting effect on screen
Crash (y/n): no
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows
If you get close to the wan or uplinks the shafts of light come at the camera and wash the screen out (see pic)

It seems to occur in only certain places but can be permanant if you stay in single place for a while.

I wasn’t able to get precisely this visual, but I got some similar problems, when I have the shadow bug as reported here.

The rendering fixes I’m putting in appear to fix that bug appears to make this go away as well. Please test again in 0.14.0 or later (when it goes out) and confirm if it’s fixed!.

Marking this as fixed because I believe that this has been fixed in build 0.14.0. If you can double-check to confirm, that’d be fantastic! :slight_smile:

I’ll check and let you know.