Leveling, areas, quests


I find disturbing that players don’t do all quests of a region. In fact, by putting a zone at 2/3 lvl more than the previous one, the players either stop and unsub, or they passe to this one although they have not the lvl of this zone. This would mean that we must absolutely have a linear world with the following zones in lvl (1-2-3-4…), which limits creativity. Is an improvement planned?
Moreover, it would be really beneficial I think to implement the “quest suite”, although it doesnt raise any problem I think it would develop more creativity.
I really enjoy this project.

Sorry for my english :wink:


I see a really cool idea in this. When zones can have multiple lvls in them, it would be interesting to be able to gate certain areas/zones to low lvl players or make certain quests “mandatory” for subscribers to move on from an area or into an area. That will give greater creative freedom to the player as far as zone layout.

I’ve tried so many different ways to keep them there, even to make flight paths the only way out of zones with outrageous prices to leave to the next zone and people instead just duel and logout. No progression at all and if I lower the prices, players start the game and go to the highest zone possible then get stuck because they are level 1 in a level 5 region. I’ve tried to do the 1-2-3-4-5 option but they still skip regions/quests and just move on without any sort of direction then get frustrated because they dont get “loot” even though they wont kill mobs or quest lol. It’s a weird AI that just needs more focus.

I’ve finaly tried to do a simple way to exp too. And a lot of players are frustrated but the majority is OK and follow the regions’ order, but slowly… and its boring, repetitve and too easy, I stopped to lvl 7 with 100k :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

They are angry, just follow what they want and eventually you highers lvl zone will be full. It’s not bug. You can’t just create new zone and hope old zones are good.