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I wish I could give a hug to the me of a year ago.

When you’ve been working on a large codebase for a long time, it’s common to forget bits of it. You create a mental model which represents approximately what a class or a file or a function does, and then throw away your memory of how the inside of the class actually works, to make mental space for other things.

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Lol! Wonder if you’ll stumble across any other wise and helpful words from Oracle Trevor…

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No clue! This is a very old codebase; bits of the engine code, in particular, stretch back nearly a decade. There’s a lot of space for such things to be hiding in.

But I know most of it by heart, these days. It’s only in the weird little neglected nooks of the codebase where helpful forgotten notes from myself really have much of a chance to still be lurking, entirely forgotten.

It’d be neat to stumble over a really old note to myself; this one was only a year old. How amazing would it be to find, say, a ten year old note to yourself, correctly guessing what you’re trying to do today and providing guidance that’s still actually accurate and helpful?

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You are sure this is from past you? Are you positive it isn’t from the future?? :slight_smile: