Lazy players sitting in level 1 zones...

Guys, first of all, I love this game concept, I saw what’s coming in the next future and it sounds great. I’m new to the game, played it with enjoyment for 10 hours, but I struggle with one thing in particular. I watched many guides, tutorials, and still can’t find a solution.

This is my third game and I still can’t manage to attract players in my level 2 zone. I built a whole city there, monsters areas, quest givers, and from time to time, one guys goes there just to leave moments later without even considering the quest giver next to him. I have a bunch of level 2 players, but they all stay in the lower level zone, and will soon unsuscribe. The content is there, but they don’t care.

I created a NPC who’s only purpose is to send players to that zone. I put guards everywhere to help players. Doesn’t work. I now plan to create a new game, again, to make two or three level 1 zones, connected with a level 2 zone. Will that work ? How do you make your players massively travel to the higher level zones ? I’m tired of restarting new games just to fail, again and again.

Thanks for your answers.

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