langue française

bonjours je voulais savoir si une version française était prévue si oui est-il possible d’avoir une date


Hi, @Noct310!

My french is pretty rusty! I can read the language pretty well, but I’d embarrass myself if I tried to write in it, I think!

I’m definitely planning to provide a french localisation (along with German and a few other languages) at some point during Early Access, but we’re not yet set up to do it. I don’t have a definite date for when we’d have one, yet, but there’s been enough demand that I don’t want to delay it for very long!


Pourquoi ne pas demander à la comu de vous aider à traduire les textes. ca vous fera ça de moins à faire non ?


Je me posais la même question, plein de joueur français serait ravi d’aider a la traduction ! :smiley:

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Translations are in progress at the moment! :smiley:

Folks who are interested can check out progress or even contribute translations here!

I’m still adding strings to the set to be localized! I think I’m only about halfway through the game’s strings right now, but I’m making progress and adding a lot of new strings to the localization database almost every day!

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