Kiting way to far and other issues

Issue: Kitting a bit to far
Crash (y/n): no
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows
Version number: 0.17.164
Description: Bit of a problem with a character trying to “kite” mobs. He would flee but still attacking the mob once in a while leading to the mob chasing him across the map (really far from the mob spawn zone). Once i drag him back, he choose another mob and then restart. It ended when th PC died.

The PC was in a party and the mob considered “idling” when chasing.

Also, there is a probleme with the size of some character part when you try to customize them but i think you already know about it

Keep up the good work!

The scale of model parts can be adjusted using the ‘Adjust’ button, underneath the model part in the costume editor. So you should be able to fix that sort of issue yourself! (I haven’t actually seen that happen as in your image, but I imagine that it should be fixable by tweaking the scale slider for that model part!)

RE: the character kiting mobs, that’s an intentional griefing behaviour that’s used by certain angry or mischievous players; kiting a monster a long way from its spawn point and into a low-level area in order to try to get it to aggro on low-level players. (This is mimicking something that players used to do in World of Warcraft before they changed the game’s aggro mechanics to prevent it)

…it was super fun to implement the AI for that!

thats really cool! I wonder if maybe it needs some kinda of notification that this behaviour is going on because I feel like I miss a lot of these cool interactions.