Killing monsters does not give any XP to players

Killing monsters does not give any XP to players. Only quests.
The game did not crash.
I’m playing on Windows
Version number: 0.17.234-g9263e3c_win64

I can’t say if this problem appeared or if it was already there when a started my second game. I simply figured that players were not getting to their level 2 quickly enough. I’m day 2 and I have only 2 level 2 players. I finally realized that killing monsters didn’t give any xp to players.
I tried to restart the game but it didn’t fix it.
I’m wondering if it is because of the game type I chose (combat, story, etc…) ? If it is so, I’m sorry…

Thank you for your time !
I really like the game and look forward to see it grow :slight_smile:

Hi, @alex316697 !

Can you submit the save game so I can take a look at it? On the game’s desktop interface, click the “Backups” tab and select the save that you’re loading, and then click the “Submit file to devs” button to send the save to me. Be sure to mention this problem in the description box when you send it, so I know it’s from you!

We’ll figure out what the problem is and get it sorted out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sending the save game through, @alex316697 !

I’ve debugged what’s going wrong and it’s a really esoteric bug, but I believe I have it fixed now! It’ll be in the next test build (which will be up on Steam in an hour or so), and should entirely fix that problem!