Keys now going out to testers (Devblog)

So it’s finally happening; the first round of closed pre-alpha testers are now receiving Steam keys to test the Milestone 12 build of MMORPG Tycoon 2. I’m looking forward to finally seeing somebody other than me playing the game on Steam!

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Dear Trevor Powell I have contacted a german YouTuber and he woud like to make a first look at the game coud I send him a key for some attention 11k sub
he makes economy and racing simulator videos and I think he is a good person to show the game off to as manny testers as possibly (maybe give him the key directly for security reasons)

I’ll take a look!

I still feel that I’d like the game to be a little further along before I start giving keys to youtubers; I want it to look (and be) a little more finished so that it can make a really strong first impression. But I’ll add him to my list! Thanks, ferdi. :slight_smile:

If you coud send it to him now you might get more feedback and bugreports