Just my two cents

So, I saw this game popping up on YouTube lately from a few different creators, it reminded me of zoo tycoon and the likes and for the most part it’s the same premise.

My main gripe is region limitations, I get you need servers to increase the capacity and I love this feature, however when I tried the game out from my friends account (I have since bought the game myself) but I noticed I could never max out the games capacity with how I created it…

So basically I amassed over a million dollars and 30k+ subscribers and no one had even hit level 2.

I went a bit nuts with balancing and skill customization from a professional gamer view point, for me I saw the restrictions I placed on them as what we face in gaming today, but I actually bothered to balance it out.

While I gave the mobs lower health on purpose by about 5 or 10 points in which is massive when you take in the scale of a 10% stat boost every level, I kept their damage output relative to that of the player and I gave the players access to weapons and potions as well as gave every class a healing ability in some form.

Paladins - Lay on hands - Heals 10 HP at level 1 which is 1/3rd of their HP at base rates it’s literally a 50%-95% heal.

Hunter and a few others all had their own abilities in tow.

So I gave them OP healing and realistic damage - sound familiar? No? Welcome to mmorpgs.

With that said came a myriad of things, as with each class I made all their damage outputs the same and I made all their heals the same numbers, they all had the same base and max health, dps etc… Literally perfectly balanced, but I still had players feeling that their class was inferior to others…

Players complaining the game is to hard but they still hadn’t grabbed a weapon even though they grabbed a quest telling them to literally go and get a weapon, some grabbed a weapon but not potions.

Then some grabbed both but never used the potions or their healing ability…

As for the other main issue, they don’t want to grind, they literally just don’t want to, I set it to 200 kills of a level 1 monster would make you level two and from there it got infinitely easier, when I forced 100 of them to hit level 2 I went to bed for four hours and woke up to 8 level threes.

So the reason I did this was to get a grasp of the AI to see what it’s limit was grinding wise, apparently once they get past level one? Their more likely to grind out 300-500 mobs for a single level.

To put it bluntly, the AI collective killed enough monsters to make one player level 4,000 and everyone was still level one because they’d log out after 50 kills and register as played for 8 hours?

I understand players with a social level playing for 8-15 hours and not getting anything done, but even the ones with a killer level or desire for PvP or ones labeled as addicted were doing the same thing.

So far I love the game and I’ll likely stream it a little after work seeing as it got more tweaks a few hours ago, some of my gripes may be addressed already and if that’s the case I’m sorry I’m just at work at current.

But the tweaks I’d like to see.

-smarter AI critiques of said game you made, if it’s too easy or too hard I want to see them scream it and it actually be too easy.

-adjustable Inns, making 300+ of them is just annoying, I would like to be able to make a single Inn per area if possible and through the fact that it’s a game each “room” is an instanced isolated location, so 500,000 people using the same Inn makes sense to me in that regard.

  • a Developer character that I get to go through a character creation process of sorts with that labels me to other players as a Dev, this way I don’t have to ghost control them and potentially upset them just to test out the game to see where it needs tweaks because yes, even though it’s made inside the tycoon I want to play it to.

  • an easier way to see things or a cleaner UI even with the tutorial it took me a moment to get the hang of a few things.

  • a forest that doesn’t absolutely blind me, I literally hate all the tree clutter that’s caused in forests and while I desperately want their aesthetic I can’t seem to find a way without all the work I do being hid and unable to be fully appreciated unless controlling a poor innocent player.

-Smarter AI in general, I gave them skills with a one second cool down and instant use, they don’t use it to it’s full potential and end up with a dps of about 2 out of 6.

If they used their skills to their utmost, I could push the limits more without fear of them never being able to kill something, because if they used their full DPS I’d be able to let loose, potentially even make the monsters 2-3x stronger and even for a user controlled character make them have a rough time in some fights.

I noticed hunters didn’t really use their stun unless I attached a damage variable to it as well, but I guess a tranq dart still does damage when it hits /shrug

Being able to list a zone as PvP enabled, meaning they don’t have to send duel requests they can literally just gank eachother if they chose to do so, Mobs would not be permitted at all in these zones.

If any of this is already fixed or added then I probably just didn’t progress far enough into the game or I didn’t pay close enough attention.

Anyways I’ll be back later with a more thought out and precise post if that happens to be the case.

Welcome to the MMORPG Tycoon2 community Neft .

I loved reading your thoughts. It is always great to read what everyone like to see in the game. Look forward to hearing more from you and your experience with the game.