Is the chance to chat dependend on player density in a zone?

most of my players (in a 1-9 lvl setup) stuck in lvl 3.

its not strange that you might see a peek somewhere, but i expected that this would move like a wave … meaning the peek would move from lvl1 to lvl 2 to lvl 3 and so until most players would sit in the endgame. but this is not what happens, not at all. it looks like there is some kind of tendency to stick on in a level and not progress at all … this might have something to do with socializing… if the chance that someone socializes depends on player density, an overcrowded zone will have the problem to never be anything but overcrowded because this tendency will impede progression.

in other words: if players chat more and dont grind if there are a lot of players around, they will do nothing but chat, with more and more and more ppl coming from the lower levels.

and ok … fine … this would be quite realistic after all and solves endgame problems … but what i see there is a loop that could be potential game braking. esp because its somewhat frustrating to have only a handfull of players in the highets levels.

and waiting until they are mor doenst work because they unsub if there is no new content.

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I find when I try to do a huge zone then all the players tend to go to the veeeeeery end with alllllllllll the high level mobs. I wish we could get some sort of explanation on how the player ai works

i pretty much dont mix level zones anymore … mixed level regions attract a lot of ppl and they do pretty stupid stuff … but as far as i can see, a level 3 will only do quests for his level, ie: lvl3 mobs or elites … but if you have a “go to this house within a mob zone” the players might very well enter a lvl 4 zone even if they are only lvl3. which results in trouble

this simply can’t happen if you have only one level per region, because a lvl2 player will never enter a lvl3 area

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Good to know, thanks :smiley:

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