Is Additction Stat Broken?

The addiction stat seems to be broken in the game at the moment. I keep checking my players and they’re sitting at max (or almost max) for happiness and all their stats, but everyone’s addiction is constantly between -3 to -5 for seemingly no reason.

Apologies in advance for not giving a completely thorough answer (because I don’t want to explain exactly how the ‘addiction’ mechanic works), but I’ll confirm that Addiction is working in the game right now as it’s been designed to do.

In this game, addiction isn’t a measure of happiness; it isn’t even directly related to happiness. Instead, it’s a measure of how likely someone would be to continue playing the game even if they weren’t having fun. Lots of stuff affects it; making friends with other players, becoming attached to their character, and a fair whack of behavioral psychology (did I mention that I have a psychology degree? It’s kind of an unusual path to go from psychology into programming video games, but that’s what happened to me!)

In any case, it’s very common to see games where players have high happiness and low addiction, and that’s totally fine and absolutely not a problem! (I mean, depending on what your goals are) Achieving high ‘addiction’ levels in your subscribers is absolutely not an explicit goal in the game. :slight_smile:


I feel like there should be some kind of explanation in the game about the stat. It’s very off-putting, and doesn’t reinforce a positive gameplay loop, to see a negative average addiction level (something explicitly important for MMOs) while all the players you have are at max happiness and 80+ in all 4 stats.

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