Introduce yourself!

Hello there, my Name is Adam from Austria, i am 40 and i am a Material Scientist, with some limited experience in programming.

one of my Hobbies is creating board games. as such i am very interested in questions about balancing games, make the mathematic work, looking for thing that players will use to do pretty much the opposite that they are supposed to do.

I am very impressed by this game and think that there is tremendous potential in this project.

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My name is Harlowe from Michigan. I am a podcaster currently recording an actual-play RPG called Two Monsters Rolling Dice, with the story being set in an Old West fantasy equivalent. I also wrote and recorded the score, as for years music was my primary function before getting burned out on the scene.

I’ve always loved video games, starting with the old Atari I got when I was a kid and, most recently, ending with mad binges on MMORPG Tycoon 2. This game is outstanding and already has nearly limitless potential and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us all!!

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Oi, on the internets people call me Frizzle. No, not as in “Miss Frizzle the school bus driver”, haha xD though obviously there’s nothing I can do about that. It’s a long story, but Frizzle is actually short for Frizzlenidifizerizid, so you can see why I shortened it…

MMORPG tycoon 2 happened across my searches on steam when I had the random thought of playing a tycoon game for some reason. I’ve been bored from games for at least 2-3 years now, dropping every game I touch after maybe a few days or a week at most.

For context, I grew up on World Of Warcraft and Zelda/Metroid games. RPG is the heart of my soul when it comes to gaming, but it seems as time has passed RPG’s have taken a massive dump (for me personally) so I’ve gamed 95% less than I used to.

That all changed when I watched the trailer on steam for MMORPG tycoon 2.

After reading the reviews and seeing a little tad of information on the game, I opted to gamble the measly $25 to check the game out. Such raving reviews could at least warrant a simple $25 right?

Oh boi… Oh brother. Knowing what I know now, personally, I’d have spent at most $50 to play this game. And I wouldn’t have been let down one bit. $25 is a freaking grace, likely due to being in beta, but still.

If not for my full-time job as electrician that eats up my time, I’d have dumped 100 hours in a week ezpz, versus the 42 hours I have currently with my maximum level zone being 12 at the moment.

I can’t stop playing. The way the AI causes player NPC’s to act is so intriguing, as if they’re actual players playing in MY world, that I created. The ability to scratch the LONG, LONG TIME ITCH of being able to create my OWN RPG world, and this game nails it almost perfectly.

Of course there is much room for improvement, but that doesn’t change the fact that what exists is already so complex and compelling in my eyes. My favorite part of this game is creating my own classes and spells and abilities. I’ve been able to conjure some interesting gameplay from the years and years of RPG play, and I love taking over random player NPC’s every now and then to enjoy the cool rotational abilities I created and see them in action. Very, VERY cool.

I can see the limited 30 monsters being an issue pretty fast, considering I have maybe 6 spots left and I still have 7 zones until I hit the max content of level 20. Perhaps having “monsters” and then also having a tab for “bosses” would be interesting, but I know this will all come with due time, curious to see what this challenges (dungeons) update has in store.

While there is much potential for this game, that won’t stop me from unlocking every last tech upgrade, region and more. When I finally complete my entire world, which will have about 3 of each region level if I plan it right, I am heavily considering doing an in-depth expert walkthrough of the game for players who I’ve noticed are struggling in certain areas.

That said, my first playthrough has went so smoothly, I’d almost argue the game is a tad too easy, but I suppose that depends on how people spend their initial moments playing their first world.

I absolutely love this game. Can’t wait to see where it takes me!

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