Introduce yourself!

(This forum doesn’t require real names. Please don’t feel pressured to reveal any personal details that you’re not comfortable sharing publicly on the Internet. But it’d be great to know a little more about the people who are interested in the game, even if you prefer to use nicknames, etc.)

Hi! I’m Trevor Powell, the chief developer/designer of MMORPG Tycoon 2. I live in Melbourne, Australia, where I’ve lived and worked for nearly two decades, both in and out of the games industry (though mostly ‘in’).

I wrote the original MMORPG Tycoon game in a single month, back in 2008. I always wanted to revisit it, to expand its simulation and convert it into 3D, but for one reason or another that kept being put off, up until about a year and a half ago. I’m now working on it about 2/3 time, with some other contract work on the side to pay the bills and to pay the contractors who are providing artwork and other stuff for me. Turns out that things go a lot faster when you’re spending more time on them!

MMORPG Tycoon 2 is implemented inside my “VectorStorm” game engine, which is available for free under the zlib license on GitHub. If you’re comfortable with C++ and are interested in taking a look, please feel free to look at the code, reuse bits or all of it, etc. Happy to have people looking over it and laughing at me! :smiley:

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My name is Peter. I live in the UK and I am an avid gamer. I have also been a community tester for several years having tested games for the like of EA Games and the now Defunct Publisher THQ amongst several others. I also enjoy testing software and basically trying out new stuff.
I am currently trying to learn Unity and C# not that its going that well. I think that it’s an age thing :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m also active on YouTube and stream most Sundays and Tuesdays on my channel as well as upload the odd video every now and then.


Hi, I’m Nathan Caldwell, and I live in the state of Ohio in the US. Playing video games, especially simulation and strategy games, is my biggest hobby.
I work as a programmer in DNA forensics, and I love my job. I’ve been in the science software business for a little over a decade now, and I don’t think I would ever want to do anything else. Most of our code is in C# and python, with occasional forays into C.
I’m also really excited to be working on earning my private pilot’s license. There’s nothing else in the world that feels like being in control of a big metal bird flying through the sky!


Hey all!
My name’s Daniel. I live in Sydney, Australia. For the past couple years I’ve been working as a paralegal for a private practice :scales:. I’m studying part time at University at the moment (have been for a number of years) doing a double degree in Bachelor if IT: Games Design, as well as a Security Studies Criminology course. Honestly I’ve always wanted to stream games on twitch but unfortunately my internet at the moment doesn’t allow me to. NBN can’t reach my area soon enough.

I came across MMORPG Tycoon a bunch of years ago while searching for any kind of game with its exact theme. It took longer than I thought to find, with searches like “make own MMORPG” and “MMORPG simulator” coming up short. I’d almost given up and assumed Game Dev Tycoon would be the closest thing to “managing” an MMO (Just watching sales decline and releasing expansions) when I came across Trevor’s baby.


Hola mi nombre es Sebastian, soy de Chile, actualmente soy estudiante. La primera vez que me tope con MMORPG tycoon encontré que fue una idea muy original pero se quedaba muy corto. Por lo que e visto en esta secuela han estado trabajando muy duro, estoy seguro que valdrá la pena la espera. Me gustaría felicitar a Trevor ya que encuentro que hace un muy buen trabajo con sus juegos. Espero que este proyecto surja bien ya que le veo un gran potencial.

Hi, Sebastian!

My Spanish is pretty rusty, I’m afraid, but I was thrilled I managed to followed most of that (and Google translate helped where I was uncertain!) Thanks for visiting and saying ‘hi’! :smiley:

I’m looking forward to the next round of announcements about the game. Not too far off, now!

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I’m Liam. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with Trevor (including during the first MMORPG Tycoon period) in a number of settings in the game development arena.

I dabble in my own dev work at times, although I’m working behind a desk in a games-related area at the moment.

I’m an avid board and card gamer, as well as long-time roleplayer (and writer).

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My name is Daniel and I am 18 years old, I have seen there is already a Daniel so just call me Clear or Clearoi.
I was really interested to see how MMORPGT2 is developing and if possible also like to contribute to it. I don’t have worked at any big projects like a whole game but I would love to bring in ideas and suggestions!

To be really honest, out of all the games that are available on the market I only like this one at the moment! <3
I have something for simulators and tycoons but there are not many good games out there…

I have been working with Java,C#,HTML,Javascript,Node.js,Lua and Photoshop, I think I missed something out and I won’t list all the API’s I have been used to.

I am also a text-roleplayer who brings in creative and interesting ideas from time to time.

Hope I am welcome here, I may failed at picking the right topic but it is what it is.

But I would need to see the game first and don’t own a key, if I read correctly I need to show some activity on the forums.

If needed here is my steam

Greetings @all <3


Hi, I’m Barbara and I’m a video game writer. I worked on Tin Man Games’ Warlock of Firetop Mountain, but I also have my own games - the main one I’m working on at the moment is Springfield Storage, a loot exploration game. My kryptonite is loot games like Diablo, Borderlands, Grim Dawn, Path of Exile etc. Loot. Loooooooot


I Am Gamer,Franco Gamer
well,how do i start?
i think “mewse” already know me,but i will introduce myself
i was one of the FIRST persons to know about this project
seriously i just didn’t knew about this forum (the exclusive MMORPG Tycoon 2 forum)
i even was in the Dev forum that “mewse” said about this game
but who is mewse?
Mewse A.K.A Vector storm (trevor) is the owner of this game
i even played the first game
so mewse do you remember me?
i hope you remember
never give up in your projects mewse

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FrancoGamer’s joined us from TIGSource’s forums, where I posted about the game a few months before launching the Greenlight campaign (which was Milestone 11; the first milestone build which I didn’t make publicly available for download on the website).

I should really post about it more, over there.

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you may want to post an update on the greenlight page as well.

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I’ve never really followed Greenlight pages, personally. Is that a normal thing to do; to keep posting updates there after being greenlit? I didn’t think that anybody would visit the page any more, after the game got through.

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there is a couple of comments on there about the game being dead. I think to be honest it just depends on the campaign. but it might be nice to let anyone that does follow it via those pages that its activly being worked on.

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Thanks for pointing it out! I’ve responded to the comments and discussions there, and I’ll post an announcement later today which points people to the blog and this site.

I’ve also converted the ‘What’s new in the latest build’ thread to be publicly visible. No reason to hide that!


Hi, I’m SapecudoGamer, my friend FrancoGamer sent me this game and I liked it, I found the idea of ​​mechanics and gameplay very cool.I liked it a lot was the class customization and the way to build the map


Hey I’m John. Been stalking the forums for awhile now and decided to finally say hi. Just wanted to say I’m really looking forward to this game. The mechanics really interest me and I can’t wait to finally get my hands on it!


Hey :slight_smile:
nice to meet you


Helllo! @everyone (This isn’t discord, I guess that wont work!) I’m kate! You can add me on steam here: However I don’t play much on there anymore since I recently got into doing Mythic Raiding on WoW xP

Hopefully this game releases soon cause I really want to play it asap!!! D:


Woops forgot to do this :stuck_out_tongue:

so my real name is jason my Steam name is the same as here so RedDevel

i love tycoon games so i tend to search online for new ones. that’s when i found mmorpg tycoon, the first one, and i just loved to see those little @ signs lvl up and fight monsters. so when i was done with that game i searched to see if there was anything else like it. that’s when my hopes were fullfilled by seeing that there was a 2nd version in the makings, and had already passed steam greenlight. and that is how i found this game, and this forum.

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