Inside of Ahlefeldt's Mind

Hello Creators!

My name is Ahlefeldt, and I have been non-stop playing MMORPG Tycoon 2 for the last three days since I bought it. I am loving the game, the roadmap, and the creativity of the community. I feel like contributing to the game by giving an insight into my experience, and making a list of what I think will improve the game and why. :grin:

Sorry in advance for errors along the way. I will be correcting them as I post it because the second I post this, I will notice all the errors at once. Also… this will be long.

A list containing what I find “flawed” or believe could be optimized. :slight_smile:

  • Terrain
    When assigning an area a certain terrain, there is no option to turn off automatic scenery. What I mean by this is whenever I want to change my terrain on something I have already built, it deletes everything. Also, why limit types of terrain in a region to 4?

  • Quests
    Quests are simple and easy to do but the possibility to expand on quests would be giving the creator the power to choose more options like ‘Return to me’, making quests unavailable until a threshold is met, assign two objectives to one quest. I cry for my players when they are forced to clear a zone of mobs, return to the Quest Giver, and then go back just to kill an elite. I would like to make them able to do both at the same time.

  • Sliders
    Sliders? Ahlefeldt, are you drunk? Well, yes. What I mean by sliders are several things. We are not able to see the decimal points for certain sliders like Base Speed and there is no option to choose a circular size when assigning Monster Zones or creating terrain. Also, make choosing colors under Model Editor a slider.

  • Unlocking in Designs (Player Classes, Monsters, NPCs)
    This is a very minor BabyRage from me. Unlocking Monsters is the most satisfying part of the game! Well, yes again but I am not a fan of the way I unlock new Monsters. Whenever I unlock a new Monster, I get a random prefab with a random name sometimes with weird abilities. As an example, the most recent Monster I unlocked is an ‘Evil Thief’, a Treant with the main two abilities of an Auto-Attack and the secondary 3.0 damage ability. I would prefer just to unlock an empty slot and be able to choose prefabs instead of having to replace abilities etc.

  • Network
    Give us the ability to see bandwidth usage when we are under ‘Network’.

Ideas for the future!
A list containing my takes on what would make the experience of MMORPG Tycoon 2 even more captivating! :grin:

  • Light Sources
    I want to make my bonfires to be lit! The addition of light sources would give a new Scenery option and would be small objects that emit light with a customizable effect like fire and smoke, a puls,ating glow or something mysterious that lights intact with the rhythm of a heart! I suspect this might be added in the upcoming Dungeons Patch but I thought to add it here anyways. :slight_smile:

  • Building Blocks
    Oh yes, you want this, I want this, Trevor wants this. Our creativity is enormous and there is no way enough Scenery objects can be added to satisfy us all. With the addition of Building Blocks under Scenery, the creators can choose from standard 1x1 blocks, etc. to create custom builds easier. That’s it? Just various shapes? No! Maybe. This next one might be a lot of work but I want to be able to te my own custom object and save it! I know this is a roadmap feature for the Steam Workshop but I would love to be able to make my own towers, plants, fences, etc. like ASAP!

  • More terrain!
    Simply just more terrain types like:

  1. A lake terrain. Like chasm but doesn’t create a hole deeper than my dark thoughts. Make the lake narrow, and long, and make it go somewhere, and BOOM! You made a river. :slight_smile:
  2. Decay. A gritty dark terrain where there is almost no sign of plant life in the terrain, only dirt or withering grass.
  3. Hills! I want the Field terrain to be very flat and hills to be… hills!
  4. Lava: Any MMO must have lava lakes or a volcano somewhere.
  • More Model Editor Prefabs!
    Yes, I need more! There is no option to add additional assets to a model and unless that is being added, I need more variety! Not going tevery and every item that would be a nice addition for obvious reasons.

  • Ability Mechanics and FX Expanded!
    The FX system is nice and I know one tech says “Not yet implemented” where you get a bigger variety of FX features and but I wanted to list a few as well as a few Ability Mechanics:

  1. After Effects: It’s always nice to poison someone and make them take damage over time, but making them green is the best part.
  2. Transform: An ability mechanic that lets the caster change someone’s appearance and/or abilities for a duration of time. Like a druid transforming to a bear or a mage polymorphing their opponent.
  • Extra Scenery
  1. Floors: Right now we can’t ‘paint’ the ground the players are walking on and making a billion microscopic wood objects and placing them inside of a custom-made building is tedious and too much work to give the effect of a wooden floor.
  2. More prefabs: This is a no-brainer but also difficult to add because it is impossible to have enough objects under Furnishings, Details, etc. but I would still love to see more stuff like better chairs, human skeletons, food items, and the list goes on forever.
  3. New paths: This is not under ‘Scenery’ directly but it adds to the scenery. A bigger variety of path types like gravel, dirt, cobblestone, asphalt, etc. would be a neat feature. :slight_smile:
  4. Roofs! Currently, certain custom builds I have created have ugly roofs made with rocks. I might not need roofs but I love the scenery the players get when they go inside a big cathedral and having a roof just adds a bit more to it. :sweat_smile:
  • Better Anti-Cheat
    I do not have problems with cheaters because I play at such a low pace and very often scan my players but the only challenge cheaters give is if you don’t take care of them fast enough, everyone will cheat. I would love for cheaters to occasionally be more challenging but also we have the option to get a better anti-cheat system. I feel like my GM Management is not handling troublemakers.

  • Pets!
    I would love for my players to be able to grind for a cosmetic pet or even give the option for certain classes to have pets as a passive ability with a unique ability set.

  • Mixed Monster Zones
    My level 3 region was once a promising rich land now decaying due to efforts made by my villain’s lieutenants and their skeleton minions including Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Mages. However, I cannot mix the two Monsters besides setting up each of their zones close to each other or creating elites inside one of their zones.

  • Patrols
    The ability to create patrols and assign NPCs or Monster elites to them.

  • Hazardous environment
    Scenery objects with dangers to them like poison or bonuses like increased movement speed. This could work like the Light Sources where creators can create their own custom ‘Environment’ and give it an effect.

  • Monster Zones and Elite Spawn Timer
    Give the creator the option to choose a zone or a specific elites spawn timer under ‘Service’.

  • Additional Region FX Options
    More options for effects a region has. Currently, we have Fireflies and Snow but additions include:

  1. Rain (perhaps with intervals)
  2. Dusty (limits vision range)
  3. Smokey (Usable in a Barren Volcanic Wasteland)
  4. Fog (limits vision range)
  • Events
    This is on the roadmap too but here is what I’d love to see in the update:
  1. Hackers: A big wave of hackers are exploiting your game. How will you deal with it?
  2. Bonus week/day: For a limited time, players get a bonus like bonus exp from Monsters, free game vouchers for Taverns, faster respawn, or whatever the creator can think of.
  3. Event zone: A zone that is restricted or at least only active when the assigned event is up.
  4. Server downtime: Something happened with the servers. Perhaps you can treat your customers to something nice as a way to thank them for their patience?
  5. Free-to-play week.
  6. Special sales on your MMO or subscription fee.
  7. New Game Hype!: An event that decreases your subscription count because another game has been released and everybody wants to try it out! This event hurts your bank account for a while but players will eventually return… right? Bonus: if you manage to unlock new tech, create more content, etc. before or when this event occurs, fewer players will leave.
  • Competitors
    To create a new difficulty aspect of the game, a simulated MMO can be one of your many rivals. You will compete for the subscribers against this other stupid developer and perhaps you might even find him snooping around in your MMO. This would be an opt-in feature where you can choose the difficulty of the competitor or if you even want this.

  • Sailing
    I admit I do not have the vehicle tech unlocked as of yet but I am fairly certain players cannot use boats to travel. I can of course make a Flight Path to an island but shut up, I want boats goddammit! Make boats a travel option like the Flight Paths and just let the creator make the route and mark the designated harbor to dock at.

  • Bridges
    I can make my custom bridges but players do not walk on Scenery Objects. :frowning:
    Make bridges great again!

  • Professions
    A profession is a feature that gives players more content to do and a way to make money without duping. This means new NPCs will be added for each profession you create.

  1. Fishing: Assign a zone on the water as a fishing spot and players can go and fish there.
  2. Mining: Place specific minerals with the feature of being ‘Harvestable’. When harvested, the rock is bland but once in a while the minerals respawn, and minerals glimmer on it.
    A neat bonus to this feature is that players will now have a reason to wander off to the edges of the region looking for materials and if you are the type of creator not to fill your zone to the brim with content, players will notice your lack of effort.

The end… for now. :eyes:
That is everything I could think of in one sitting. Please feel free to ask me to elaborate on anything or provide a more detailed description of how it would work in theory. I am always happy to answer!

Feel free to message me if you want to add me on Steam.
Note; I made this post just to get these ideas out of my head. I know the developers are burdened with what seems to be endless amounts of tasks and my hopes are just that hopefully, this could give one of them an idea.

Have a wonderful day and kudos to anyone who read everything. :joy:


hey Ahlefeldt,

some great ideas there, esp the lightning would be great … having burning buildings would add dramaticaly.

buildingblocks are, from what i see, the most low hanging fruit and it can be done without trever, hwo seams to be overworked and burned out anyway.

in regards to terrain: i agree that we need more terraintypes and i would like to see the size of the default planted objects reduced to 0.2 or so … making a forrest is kind of a mess, all you see are those absurdly giant trees.

I unlocked Vehicles.

We got boats, alright. This is lit.