Infinite possibilitys in youre game

I personaly dont own the game but i really enjoy watching it someone play.

There are just so many possibilitys how you could build up and upgrade the game
some suggestions i thought about.

Different skin packs, to differ the visuals ! :slightly_smiling_face:
Dungeons, dungeon groups, main and side quests.
Raid groups, where the player (builder) drops down a huge terrifying monster (in a proper zone) who the heroes have to defeat! (World Boss) (should be a quest to optain, and the npc need to choose, if there level is high enough to fight against the boss, because would be stupid if they get stuck in a death cycle)

More different zones, like lava or water zone, rivers! Bridges :slight_smile: !
Npcs in shops and taverns, would be a lot of work but would be awesome to look at.
And so quest npcs in houses.

Maybe different form of streets and, me personaly would like if streets dont erase trees nearby, so you could make wayes through a forest or stuff like this.

Much more monsters would be epic, like there are a lot of options to get inspired from like other games.

About the mountains, i dont really like it but its practical how you did it with the mountain passages, maybe like mountain zones you could terraform. That would be nice too!
Some of this ideas are maybe a little bit hard to manage, but i really love the ideas.
You could do awesome stuff with some legendary ingame items for the players, or like epics, and i just think about enchantments, so maybe even classes, so the player needs to put down resources or mines.
Well maybe thats little bit to much :smiley: !
Anyways i have a lot of ideas for this game because i think the base is really solid, and you can to sooo much with it its really cool.
Have a nice day everyone see ya :slight_smile: !