In-Detail Suggestions

Alright so I love this game so far, and I have quite a few ideas on things and how to handle them! So I’m going to list them off here. I’ve prowled through the forums for a while now, so some suggestions might’ve been suggested already, if so then I apologize, It just means I forgot that it was suggested already. For reference, Players refers to the AI players in the game playing your MMO, Creator refers to you, the IRL person playing the game.

—1. Races - Races are pretty prevalent in nearly all MMO’s, so if possible I’d love it if we could
make our own Races. This would be a base model, that would then be further altered by whatever
is added on via Classes. This would mean that you’d Create a race to be the base, without armor
or clothing or anything, and then Class would dictate what clothing and armor you would get.
Alongside this, you could also have a Race modify Health, Mana, Rage, Stats (Explained later),
have a Race Specific ability/s, etc

—2. Stats - In almost all MMO’s a player’s character has Stats, decided in the Class Design and
further augmented by anything decided in Race Design (if added). so if possible it’d be wonderful if
we could have the same here, and for those stats to actually affect things, alongside being able to
rename them if we’d like, and possibly augment how they work.
As an example, 6 Stats:
-Strength: Affects Physical Damage and/or Critical Chance (Either flat bonus or multiplicative
bonus, chosen when Designing)
-Dexterity: Affects Ranged Damage and/or Dodge Chance (Either flat bonus or multiplicative
bonus, chosen when Designing)
-Constitution: Affects Health and/or Defense (Either flat bonus or multiplicative bonus, chosen
when Designing)
-Wisdom: Affects Buff/Debuff Strength and/or Status Effect Resistance (Either flat bonus or
multiplicative bonus, chosen when Designing)
-Intelligence: Affects Magical Damage and/or Loot Luck Chance (Either flat bonus or
multiplicative bonus, chosen when Designing)
-Charisma: Affects Spiritual Damage and/or Shop Prices/Game Economy Prices (Either flat
bonus or multiplicative bonus, chosen when Designing)

Alongside this, when making abilities you can have these stats affect said abilities.
For example; make a new ability that does 10 Damage, then decide whether that’s Physical,
Ranged, Magical or Spiritual. If Physical then it’s Melee, if Ranged then it’s ranged, if it’s
Magical or Spiritual then you choose whether its Melee or Ranged. Then finally, you can add
“Augmented by [dropdown menu of different Stats here] Positively” or “Augmented by
[dropdown menu of different Stats here] Negatively”. If you don’t add Augmented by [stat], then
it just works purely off of what that Damage is and what Type it is (thus, being augmented by a
stat slightly already). Doing so allows a lot more possible diversity in Abilities, but doesn’t make
it a requirement for those that don’t want to micromanage the design.

—3.Abilities - For more diversity in Abilities, you could add more Buff/Debuff effects. Things like
“Lowers strength by X number”, “Lowers Max Health by x percentage” or “Increases Mana by X
times” for example. Alongside this adding and AOE option, with Melee or Ranged deciding if the
AOE happens around the player or around a Target, would be awesome. Alongside this Status
Effects would also be something I’d love to see be added as an option to add to abilities.
Some examples of possible Status Effects:
-Stun: Can’t do anything for X amount of time (in ingame minutes/seconds)
-Damage over Time (Poison/Fire/Etc, for example): Does Ability Damage for X amount of time
(in ingame minutes/seconds)
-Rooted: Can’t move (but can still attack) for X amount of time (in ingame minutes/seconds)
-Invisibility: Can’t be seen for X amount of time (in ingame minutes/seconds)
-Charmed: Target/s fight for Caster for X amount of time (in ingame minutes/seconds)

—4. Items/Weapons/Armor - Similar to weapons, allow Armor to also be a thing buyable in
shops/blacksmiths. Armor would increase the Defense stat, similar to how Weapons would increase
the Damage stat. If possible,being able to design Weapons and Armor that are placed in Shops
would be neat, alongside being able to design Loot dropped by enemies as well, deciding their
Value would be great too and Name, that way it’s truly unique, alongside possibly adding resistances to certain status effects, immunities to certain status affects, bonuses to stats/health/mana/rage/damage, all would be great too. If you want to go the WoW route, you could also allow us to choose whether the
item/weapon/armor we just designed can change/augment your Level too. This would also allow us
to design things like Premium Cosmetics and the like. If possible, alongside colors, it’d be great if we
could impliment unique Textures on them as well. Like a Glow effect on one part, while there’s a Star
effect on the rest, to make a Glowing Green Star Scarf, for example. This would also allow us to
design our own Consumables with their own effects to be sold in Potion Shops and other buildings,
alongside being able to add them to Loot Tables (explained later in this post)

—5.Subclasses/Prestige Classes/Class Advancement - If possible, it’d be great if, in our games,
we could add an additional class system, alongside choosing what to name it. This system would
mean that, once a Player reaches X level and/or fulfills certain requirements, they can choose one of
the other classes we designed but isn’t labelled as a Base Class, which would then add the abilities
from it to their normal classes abilities or replace their old abilities, alongside adding to or replacing
their base classes stat bonuses. Alongside either restarting their level back to 1 or keeping their
original level. All decided in game possibly via the Game Management window, or when the
Upgrade is picked up.

—6.Mana/Rage/Health - Simple thing, just allow us to change the name of Mana and Rage. It’d be
cool to change them to our own games custom thing but follow the same mechanics. Either in game
creation when you click New Game, or in Class Design. Also, please allow us to input greater
numbers for Mana, Rage and Health, so that we can choose whether in our games 10 is a lot of
health at start, or 1000 is a lot of health at start.

—7.Class Design Limit - Currently the amount of classes you can design is limited, and you unlock
more slots as people level up. Instead of this, change it so that there’s no limit to how many Classes
you can design, just have it as a button that says “Add new Class design” and put a price on it. This
way we can design as many Classes as we like, but still need to be wary due to our income. If
possible and factions are put in, it’d be great if you could also make it so that while you’re designing
a class, it could be linked with a faction, and thus a player must choose that faction when “making
their character” to be able to play that class, the same limitation could also be potentially placed for
Races as well. Similar to Wow’s Alliance, Horde and Pandarens.

—8.Leveling Up - When designing a Class/Race, please allow us to decide what
increases/decreases per level (Health, Mana, Rage, Stats, etc), and by how much. This allows us to
decide how effective our classes are and adds a much needed component to class design. A similar
thing for Monsters would also be preferable.

—1.Resizing - Honestly, you have a lot of great scenery in the game already, the best thing for
scenery right now would be to add the ability to resize the scenery while we’re placing them, same
for the set buildings.

—2.Creator Designed Buildings - If possible, and also a bit easier on you and your team, it’d be
great if you could add a Creator Building Designer, where all you would really need to do is provide
the pieces, which we could then use to design our own buildings, shops, scenery, respawn points,
spawn points, landmarks, dungeon entrances, dungeon pieces, etc. Instead of designing all of those
yourself, just let the players and community do it and provide a few bases for us to use if we don’t
want to design them ourselves or download designs from the Workshop. Similar to Planet Coaster.

—3.Shops - If creator designed Items/Weapons/Armor is implimented, we should be able to
designate in the Shop what is sold there, for how much and in what kind of currency.

—4.Mounts - Mounts would be designed similar to Race/Class/Monster/NPCs, but would also have
a gold value placed on them, and how much of a speed boost they would give the player using
them. Maybe also allow the option to buy them for a limited time (AKA buy a mount for 7 days, 1
days, 1 month, or permanent) with different prices and, if the creator wants, different currency for
each one. All mounts would do is give the rider a speed boost, maybe allow them to fly to avoid
monsters, and give them bragging rights.

—1.Mini-Bosses/Bosses/Raid Bosses/World Bosses - If possible I’d love to see tools for adding
each of these types of Monsters as well. Keep Elite Monsters, and just add these as options too.
Elite Monsters are stronger then Normal Monsters, Mini-Bosses are stronger then Elite Monsters,
Bosses are stronger then Mini-Bosses, Raid Bosses are stronger then Bosses, and World Bosses
are stronger then Raid Bosses. The only difference is that, in the design menu, Mini-Bosses,
Bosses, Raid Bosses and World Bosses have custom Stat values (explained above), health,
abilities, names, mana/rage pool, etc. They’d also have unique names as well. Similar to the Class
Design limit above, it would cost money to design new bosses of any kind, but there isn’t a limit to
how many you can design in total.

—2. Monster Design Limit - Exactly the same as what I detailed in Class Design Limit above, but
for Monster Designs.

—3. Loot Drop - If item/weapon/armor design is implemented (explained above) then it’d be great if
we could go to a monster area we zoned out, click on it, and put in a Loot Drop Table. It would
already have a predetermined one, but we could edit, remove and add to it, too, alongside choosing
that item/weapon/armor’s chance to drop in said loot table.

—4.Diverse Monster Zones - Allow the ability for multiple monsters to spawn in a single zone. This
could be as simple as letting us hold Shift when clicking monsters to select multiple monsters that
will spawn in the zone that we’re designating.

—5.NPC Design - Please allow us to design how our quest givers and guards look, this would be a
great change. Also allow us to name our quest givers and guards. A new type of NPC, Populace,
would be a neat addition, Populace NPC’s do nothing except populate the world by moving around
randomly and doing nothing of note, if possible Creator could make them a stationary populace NPC
and thus allow them to place them at quest area’s as psuedo hostages or targets of monsters etc, to
give their quests more flavor.

—6.Quests - Allow us to rename quests and allow us to distinguish Main Quests and Side Quests.
Questlines would also be something I’d like to see, where we can link quests together into one big
quest line. More diversity in quest objects as well would be wonderful to see, maybe make it so that
for elimination quests, instead of 1, 4, 8, 16, or 32, allow us to just type in a number. Similarly, if
creator made items/weapons/armor are implemented, allow us to create Fetch Quests, where they
must get that item/s from the loot table to complete the quest.

—7.Stance Types - More stance types would be preferable. And by that I mean when you choose a
stance, like Ghost for instance, it should stay and that monster/npc will continue moving in that way,
instead of just working like a preview. This allows us to create more uniquely moving monsters and

Dungeons/Raids and Events
—1.Dungeon/Raid Instances - For Dungeons and raids, you’d be taken to a new “world” map, but
one that is decidedly smaller. You’d have a pregenerated one similar to your pregenerated would,
but wouldn’t have mountains in between regions, and could raise and lower regions to change the
shape of the Dungeon/Raid. Similar to the normal world, this would be where you would put
monsters, bosses, NPCs, quest givers, etc.

—2.Events - It seems like you have events planned, but the ones I’m talking about would be ones
created by the Creator themself. These would, for example, “give all current players X amount of
Gold and X of item X”. We’d decide on a name and when they would happen, or it would be another
sub menu where we design the event, name it, give it a description, and save it. Then when we
would want the event to be launched, we’d just click the Launch Event button next to the event we
want to take affect.

Game Creation (Ideas for when creating a name game)
—1. Level Cap - When creating a new game allow us to choose a level cap. Either by typing in the
Max Level, or choosing from a drop down menu, with options of 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, etc up to 200 (as
some games do have a level cap that high).

—2.Sandbox Mode - This option would give you unlimited money. Allowing you to do whatever you
like, however you like.

—3.Game Over Condition - This would allow us to choose from various conditions that would result
in Game Over when creating our game. Game Over for the creator that is. These conditions could
be “Bankruptcy”, “Hackers take over (too many hackers/cheaters)”, “Fade into obscurity (lose all
subscribers)” etc.

—4.Map Sizes - Allow us to choose different sizes of Maps. Small would be half the size of the
normal map we’re currently given. Medium would be the current size of map. Large would be twice
as large as the current map. Huge would be 4 times as large as the current map. This would allow
us to make a game world as big or as small as our computer could handle.

Upgrades (Ideas on how to handle current upgrades.)
—1. Friends List - While this would still give it’s bonus, this would also unlock a tab where, when
we click on a player, it shows a Friends List, and displays all the players that player has added as
Friends. They would then work better in Parties/Raids when in a Party/Raid with those friends,
cumulatively stacking in a bonus.

—2.Parties - While this would still give it’s bonus, it would make players travel together and do
quests together, alongside being more likely to cast any healing/buffs on fellow players in their party.
When we’d get this upgrade, we’d also be able to decide the max amount of members permitted in a
Party, anywhere from 2 to 10.

—3.World History - While this would still give it’s bonus, this would unlock a new tab in the
Management tab that would show World History displayed at the top, and a large description box
where we could then type out the history of our game’s world if we’d like to. This would be purely
flavor, but alongside this, when you take this upgrade, you’d choose a Theme for your world history,
which would give a respective Bonus to the game itself.
Examples of Themes and their Bonuses:
-War: Increase in PKers and Combat Enthusiasts
-Magic: Increase in Explorers and Story Enthusiasts
-Mercantilism: Increase in Hoarders and Economy Enthusiasts

—4.Faction History - Once factions are in, this would unlock a tab in a factions management screen
called Faction History that features a large description box where the Creator could type in their
specific history. This would also allow the Creator to give them a Theme as well, similar to the ones
listed above. Would still give it’s bonus.

—5.Myths and Legends - This would still give it’s bonus, if any, but would also allow the Creator to
create new Gods, Goddesses, Myths and Legends in the Game Management screen. Similar to how
Class and NPC’s are designed, you would be able to decide that god/goddess/myth/legends Name,
Abilities, Stats, Health, Etc, and be able to place them in the world somewhere if the Creator wishes
to. If they’re placed in the world, they can be placed as an NPC, Guard, Quest Giver or Monster, to
determine how it’s handled (killable enemy, quest giver, protecting guard, wandering populace,
Boss, etc). There would also be a text field to give them a Title, for example; “Goddess of War”,
“Hero of Loran”, “Killer of Serpents”, etc. If placed in the world, depending on what they were placed
as, they can also be the target for Quests, Dungeons, Raids, etc.

—6.Guilds - Similar to parties, this would still give it’s bonus and cause players in the same guild to
travel together and quest together, alongside being more likely to heal/buff fellow guild members.
When gained the Creator would also decide the max amount of members allowed in a Guild,
anywhere from 10 to 1000. When in a party with fellow guild members, everyone in the party would
get a similar bonus as to if they were in each-others friends lists and in a party together. Alongside
this, the Creator would also decide if Raids would be Guild Only or not, meaning only Guilds can
participate in Raids or not. Creators would also get a new placeable building called a Guild House
that, similar to taverns, are where guild mates would socialize and where a player would join a guild.
A Guild House is claimed by a certain guild, meaning only members of the guild can use it and only
players going to join that guild can use it to join said guild.

—7.PvP Duels and Arenas - When unlocked, PvP Duels would allow players to challenge each-
other, but only in area’s zoned as PvP Duels Allowed, and it would always be 1v1 duels. Arena’s
would allow you to zone an Arena area, which would allow parties and guilds to work together
against other parties and guilds, or be a free for all area. This would be adjusted in the menu for that
zone similar to monster zones.

—8.Badges - This would unlock a new tab when clicking on a player called Badges, which when
clicked on would show a list of all the Badges that player has achieved. This would also unlock a
new tab in the Game Management menu called Badges that would allow the Creator to create
custom Badges or adjust the premade ones. These could range anywhere from “Killed x amount of
enemy x” to “Killed World Boss [Boss Name]”, “Completed Quest x” etc.

—9.Challenges - Similar to Dungeons, this would allow the Creator to zone a Challenge Area.
When a Challenge Area is clicked on, the creator can dictate what that challenge is and the reward
(gold, items, etc), these could be in style to “Kill xx amount of [Monster Name], then collect x amount
of [Item name], then kill [Boss Name], finally get [Item name] from [Boss name]” for example. These
could also be placed in Dungeons and Raids.

—10.Instant Messages - This would just increase the bonus from working together in parties with
people from your friends list/guild.

—11.Puzzle Locations - These would be placeable buildings that would take time to solve, but offer
rewards when solved. If possible, it could also be used to unlock a Dungeon/Raid for a player, or
grant players access to a new area. These can be placed in Dungeons and Raids as well.

—12.Leaderboards - When unlocked this would unlock a new tab in the Statistics screen that
would show you a leader board for Most Time Played, Most Kills, Fastest [World Boss/Raid Boss
Name] Kill, etc. This would also increase the amount of Competitive players.

—13.Killing techs - To be honest, I see nothing in use for these other then drawing in more PKers
and Combat focused players.

Miscellaneous Features
—1.DLC - This would be an Upgrade that, when taken, would allow you to Launch New DLC,
allowing you to Name it, Give it a theme (similar to one’s described above), cause a new surge in
Subscribers, cause Positive/Negative Buzz, and allow you to lock Classes, Races and Regions
behind a Paywall, requiring that DLC to be bought in order to play them and go to those areas.
However this would also cost a hefty amount of money to do as well.

—2.Premium/Deluxe Edition - This would be an Upgrade that would also allow you to do similar
things to DLC, but instead allows you to dictate Paid features to be Free while having a
Premium/Deluxe Edition of the game. Premium would be similar to Subscription in that they’d need
to continue paying for it to have it’s benefits, while Deluxe would need to be bought once, but would
cost a heftier price. For example, if you have Flight Paths, and have it designated as Real Money,
you can then also Designate it as Premium/Deluxe, meaning so long as a person has a
Premium/Deluxe version, they can use Flight Paths for free. The same would go for
Items/Weapons/Armor/Mounts that have a Price set as Real Money, you could set them as
Premium/Deluxe which would give the player either the ability to buy it with Gold (price editable by
Creator) or for Free.

Okay, here’s all of my Ideas for now. I have no doubt I’ll have more eventually. I can also go more into detail if anyone wants. Feel free to suggest your own based off of these as well!


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