In Cheat Detection mode, what does green mean

I’m assuming the Green folks are subscribers, because that’s been true when I’ve checked so far. Does that mean that subscribers don’t cheat, or will they show as pink/red if the cheat? Showing the subscribers when I’m looking for cheats is a little strange/confusing.

Everybody in the game is a subscriber! :slight_smile:

Players who highlight green are using a speed hack, and move substantially faster than other players (you can just see them doing it by watching them on the map, but using the cheat detection feature makes it more visible, even when they’re standing around and chatting).

Players who highlight in purple are using item duplication exploits.

Both cheating methods can propagate via players socialising. And both will stop if you issue the player with a warning. (Or you can just ban them)

I didn’t think there was anything on their info card that indicated they were cheating. Perhaps I missed it. What I meant about subscribing was that some people are committed, and others are not (access to bank account). The green ones I saw were all committed. But it was a small sample size.

Just curious why the different hacks need different color coding? It doesn’t sound as though I treat them differently, or have any other tools that affect them differently, or reduce the impact of their hacks. So they are effectively just “hack A” and “hack B”, yeah?

Basically, yes. They have different effects on the simulation, though; you might decide that you care more about item dupes than speedhacks, I guess, because item dupes mess up your economy, while speedhacks just let people move faster.

I don’t think they’re going to be color coding in the end; it really should be text, but sizing text is awkward in 3D. Needs some work, still!