Improved NPC Types

Hello, here’s a suggestion that might help let players’ creativity flow even more with this wonderful game. Placing NPCs right now requires you to place a particular type of NPC for every task you want done (at least one quest giver, one guard, one trainer, one guide, etc.). If you let players place an “NPC” (sort of a blank slate) and assign them their tasks and behavior via traits (like quest-giving, guard, etc.), you could let players place an NPC that behaves much more specifically how they want it to.

For example, I would love to create an area that is solely inhabited by one old man. He’s the quest giver, the guide, the guard, the trainer, you name it. Or at least he could train a specific skill only for users that complete a quest that only he gives out.

This would also allow for varied NPC behavior, such as selecting whether an NPC stands still or moves around, or whether it responds to being hit (would love to create “town idiot” style NPCs that just cower when attacked by monsters). Right now all NPCs of a certain type behave the same, which isn’t always what I’m looking for. Creating assignable traits for NPCs would open the door to so much more personality and diversity in creatable NPCs.