Implementing Custom Assets?

I currently work for a gaming company and would love to implement custom models since I can make them for things like the Inn’s, Graveyards, etc. as they are currently very limited. I am wondering if you currently have plans to allow users to implement such things in at a later date or if it can be done now I am curious how one might go about doing that. I understand that since this is a custom engine that it might be more difficult to such features but rather curious.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read this and respond :smiley:


I’m definitely planning to support folks creating custom models! We’ll probably do that via Steam Workshop? (I still need to investigate exactly how that works, but it seems like the obvious choice!)

Fundamentally, I have a model conversion tool which will convert an arbitrary model (we usually use FBX format) into our own model format. For buildings, you’d provide that model, along with a text file which describes the building (just basic stuff like “This is a type of respawn point” or whatever, placement costs, etc), and then the game would pick it up and allow players to use it. I haven’t released that tool yet, but at some point further into early access I’ll be releasing it as open source.

Buildings and character model pieces are pretty easy to add right now, while scenery objects still need to be made more flexible; they’re still kind of hard-coded into the game, and that’s a thing I’ll need to fix before we open up modding abilities!


That sounds wonderful trevor. I would love to help test stuff for you on that front which we could take offline and discuss (either over on discord or in PM here if your interested).

Knowing that you plan on it for future assets and again this might be an offline thing but, having tri-count limitations, texture restrictions, ect could at least let me think about what needs to be done before implementing assets.

I also read that this was a custom engine which then means I am assuming your hard coding in the effects currently through some shader language and was wondering if you plan to open that also to allow for more custom designed effect such as environmental, weapon, etc. These are things I think about as a technical artist :smiley:

Hmm. I may have to dust off Blender and try making some low poly assets to use. Looking forward to all you have planned Trevor.