Ideia Topic (Say your ideias here that i will place in this post)

In this topic i will pick up in the max 100 ideas of the people and me that would make the game be AWUSOME
then when this topic is done, mewse gonna get work and try to place the best ideias :stuck_out_tongue:
and no,mewse don’t say:this gonna give so much work or “this is already implemented/it will be implemented” like,the ideia of this post is to make a compilation of ideias and only when i place: [Done] in the title,you come here to say anything XD
but TOO
you should give a good ideia,not like:
every player get 100$ when u kill the (monster)
not something generic like monsters
the first 5 ideias will be the one that probaly i most want or the persons most wanna and gonna stay :smiley:
1. Space Theme (Like Eve Online)

2. MMO Website (design the website)

3. MMO Launcher (need to deisgn this)

4. MMO Forums (need to design this too)

5. Turn MMO (Like final fantasy 7 or pokemon)

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