Ideas for the game :D

Well,if i am coming back to the mmorpg tycoon 2,why not give ideas?

Atention:if some of the ideas are already implemented,sorry

i will give 4 ideas

its like… minecraft
you can recruit Moderators,so they will be payed to help your game
but how?
if you recruit Moderators they will ban the hackers that they will find
but there will be some "exclusive staff"
theres 2 types of exclusive staff
the ones that are players that love your game and will work by free
and the ones that will be kidding with the players,banning some player without reason or because they killed his character

you can make one specie of plugin,what they do? The player decides,How they work? the players decide
these programs are implemented to game and will do some auto work,for example
they will auto send a message to a player,or auto ban one player,or even double the XP
the player decides what the program gonna do,how its gonna work,etc,etc,etc

3-Dialogue Change
a vrey detailistr idea but…ok
you can add dialogue to npcs,they will explain something
but these small details can improve the rating of this game

when you make one update,there will be some critics that will talk about the update
for example
they will say about story (influencied by dialogue change,quests,etc)
sound (influencied by … sound)
and Ghrapics (design :P) (influencied by makin classes and changing the world and sorry for the bad english)
(you can add others)

so thats it,sorry for any bad english and mewse,if you remember me…Say Hiiiii to your old virtual f(an)riend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welp,i am making other ideas post,now with a Poll :smiley: YAAYYY
if you want that all ideas go into the game,say in the poll and the poll is at the end
sorry for any ideas that are already made
(trying a faster way to mewse see my poll :P)
Ok Let’sa go

1st Ideia:MMO Website
its like…
you can design and make your own mmo website,what this do?
in the start this will just give more players,not a lot BUUUT…
If you do a good design and your MMO is good
this thing gonna give you more players

2-MMO Launcher
its like the website,you can design it,but what it does?
this remove 50% of bugs and you can make upgrades using the launcher
the tech tree,to reach one point its needed the Launcher

3-Special Classes
i think this is already in the game or i already said but in gonna say again
special classes are the
OP Classes
these classes need to be unlocked…OOOOR BUYED
If its unlocked,achievers will come to you game
if its buyed,Killers will come to you game and you will get the money

4-Rivals and Principal rivals
in the middle of the game some rivals gonna appear,probaly this is already here,but what about principal rivals?
principal rivals are like the rivals but…HARDER
its like that,the principal rivals come when your MMO is very good,its like:Kryptonite
the objective of the principal rival is to add challenge to the game,so:you need to be better than this rival,or else your players gonna exit of the game and go to the rivals
but what if you don’t care about the rivals?
you can disable it or…
the rival will come
and he will KILL YOUR GAME
yep,he will stole all your player

5-Special Developers
if you defeat a rival,or in lucky you find one of theses in the market,your game will be good
special developers they give a bonus to your game,for example
Ex Blizzard WOW Developer:+50% of Killers and Achiever
Master of Roleplay Developer:+75% of Socialists
if you go in the defeat a rival way,you can recruit it by going into rivals srceen,clicking in the rival and click in the button:Hire Developer

6-Story Mode
The Story Mode have focus in making the best MMO ever (’-’)
but with quests,if you complete all the quests and defeat all the rivals…you get intro the final,that you will compete agains World Of Warcraft

7-Dev Forums
you can make a post in a Dev Forum,if you convince the players (probaly u will not because ur ar just a lazy person that is readying this and will use cheats to win everything) u will get more players

8-"Dev Messages"
u can talk in the chat,but with pre defined messages like:
(Player) Stop using cheats or else i will ban you

Welcome (Player)

or other things
its a very horrible idea i guess

u will need to deal with flood or spam
some persons will start annoying others by saying the same thing,again,and agian,and again
and some persons will say…
“hey come to World of Warcraft,best MMO Ever”

10-Deal With Piracy
well,some persons will make privates servers of your game,AND THEY WILL STOLE YOUR PLAYERS AND GET DEH MONEYS

  • Please add this ideas
  • Do not add this idea
  • Other (say in the coments)

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i would say one thing:
i voted
my vote don’t count

Can make a mmo forum

In this topic i will pick up in the max 100 ideas of the people and me that would make the game be AWUSOME
then when this topic is done, mewse gonna get work and try to place the best ideias :stuck_out_tongue:
and no,mewse don’t say:this gonna give so much work or “this is already implemented/it will be implemented” like,the ideia of this post is to make a compilation of ideias and only when i place: [Done] in the title,you come here to say anything XD
but TOO
you should give a good ideia,not like:
every player get 100$ when u kill the (monster)
not something generic like monsters
the first 5 ideias will be the one that probaly i most want or the persons most wanna and gonna stay :smiley:
1. Space Theme (Like Eve Online)

2. MMO Website (design the website)

3. MMO Launcher (need to deisgn this)

4. MMO Forums (need to design this too)

5. Turn MMO (Like final fantasy 7 or pokemon)

Ok first of all i need to say:This is a ideia post,but not a ideia post,a discussion of a opinion for a ideia post is the best description to this post,so because is this mix of discussion,opinion and ideia
Second i will talk about how this post gonna work
i will talk my opinion about a ideia,but also the people that read this should continue the discussion about these ideias,giving opinions and trying to aprimorate the ideias,so this is more a mixed post

Third:Expect a large post not like the ideas post that i maked,like i put 10 ideas and never talk more about that post,so lets go

Last thing:mewse you can move this topic if you think this is all ideas and not a mix,im not very sure if this is a mix.

Well,in gonna start talking about minigames
in the post called:Network Simulation,mewse,aka @trevor gave me a little explanation about minigames,so… :confused: in a technical way the network simulation is a minigame,not totally more a…MID GAME…Like the game didn’t stop,but really the minigames would give a importance to this game,like… i will make easier to understand what i am talking about in this photo and then a dialogue

Before lets get into the argument section
yes this game can get easily boring,its normal,but… theres how to make it less boring
and what will be this solution? quest? more themes and genres? yes…everything but were talking about other thing:MINIGAMES
First i think the network simulation with pipes was a very good ideia,but as you know (if you read) that wans’t a minigame,

but still in the way of the minigame being a MINI Game
yes this would be a mini game,like this is a game inside the game but its “Mini” and can be used as other game,for example skyrim,imagine the minigame of the lock,imagine one game made all of this mini game,welp it works,now imagine one game using the pipes ideas of network simulation,following this logic,like you can make a game of this mini game and this is a MINI game,the network simulation could be easily a mini game,but the main game not stop :stuck_out_tongue:
and now the dialogue

John:Hey billy,i heard you did the perfect MMO in MMORPG Tycoon 2 i wanna see i…
Billy:i don’t play more this game,its boring

this is a critic
sorry for any ofense to the game
but this game can get boring if you make the perfect mmo that would be days or hours of the game,not like skyrim,all that side quests did the game more complete,making the player play more the game,and this put more play time,the same effect a mini game could have (and side quests can be placed in Sandbox too)

And now talking about deh Extreme customization

welp its like:

Hey its a tree * get in the editor *

  • make the tree red *

its like this,if you can make customization in almost everything,the game chance of getting boring is lower,like the player will get a idea for a biome,red florest for example,then he will paint the trees,copy the trees and make the biome,and now somethings that should have customization like the tree customization,should be there,but they aren’t
for example,building customization
not so much things but changing the material,for example changing the wood of one house or making cracked stone would help in customization
other things like monster total customization could be placed,like,a advanced monster customization,mwhere you can make the pixels,one example of how you could do it,is a site for building minecraft skins,one thing that i make so much at my free time when i wanna a new skin for one specifical event,but probaly i will never use
do something like this site:
not totally,just a inspiration,and placing layers would be good too
(but animations,PLACE PRE DEFINED,or otherwise the player can make frame by frame)
did you get me there? :smiley:

and the last opinion and ideia i will give its…


yep,i am asking myself why didn’t mewse place this?
like…just make like the sims 4…one terrain that depends of how the size of building would be good,for example a small shop,would be 20x20 or 25x25
this is way better than the extreme customization (the two are at same levels to say the truth) that needs his own place here

let me explain

when you finish building a shop,for example,you can get inside and decorate the local,placing decorations and npcs
but this could be way more complex,like changing the size of inside,but outside loking smaller
like a game,yep a game,like a MMO
LIKE SKYRIM,for example,probaly there’s some place that looks bigger outside,but smaller inside or the inverse

still looks not very complex,yes? so prepare for your mindblow now

you can make the npc talk something and change the gui inside the building,like the player can’t die inside the building so the health bar is removed,but when he exit the building the health bar cames back,but when he enters,the health bar dissapear,or even the mana,you can’t cast spells inside a building,but outside a building you can :joy:

ok its a rule changer

now lets just place everything without spaces,should we?

yep,i am asking myself why didn’t mewse place this?
like…just make like the sims 4…one terrain that depends of how the size of building would be good,for example a small shop,would be 20x20 or 25x25
this is not more complex than the extreme customization but still is a little
let me explain
when you finish building a shop,for example,you can get inside and decorate the local,placing decorations and npcs
but this could be way more complex,like changing the size of inside,but outside loking smaller
like a game,yep a game,like a MMO
LIKE SKYRIM,for example,probaly there’s some place that looks bigger outside,but smaller inside or the inverse
still looks not very complex,yes? so prepare
you can make the npc talk something and change the gui inside the building,like the player can’t die inside the building so the health bar is removed,but when he exit the building the health bar cames back,but when he enters,the health bar dissapear,or even the mana,you can’t cast spells inside a building,but outside a building you can :joy:

welp so this is complex and big

And that was my post,PLEASE comment about this post or give a like if you just don’t have any OBJECTIONS against it or liked everything (youtube confirmed)

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and about the in game pc actions (6)…

one other idea to design to it,is make like manuntetion or server reset,like you enter in manutention mode and starting knocking buildings or zones and then reset the server,then finally you will can make in game pc actions

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Hello IM BEK
with moar ideas
and a better explanation about launcher idea
btw ill use paint,since my inst accessible right now

Ok,to start let me explain using this image:

The most lightest blue area is,well,the customizable area
the upper area,shows jus the MMO Name
you can add images of the game
and show updates
what does this change? well,a MMO Without launcher will get more time to be downloaded,maybe “kicking” some players that do not want to wait for a 18 GB MMO,in other words,a Launcher Atracts Killers and achievers (because i think they’re more of,well,playing)

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Ok now,i thinked about the space MMO,thinked in almost every Basic DETAILS Of gameplay,so,lets start:

**Gameplay **
The Space MMO will contain various things in gameplay,here is my list with the things that will have in the gameplay,at the end ill explain every one of these things

  • Design of Classes,SpaceShips and Enemys

  • Layers of Space

  • “Home Ships”

  • Colonization

  • Space Stations

  • Factions/Guilds

  • Stats

  • Items/Buildings

  • Resources

Design of Classes,Ships,others:
The classes here will be different,instead of changing the apperance principally,it will let the AI player create his own appearence,but a change in the skills,a example:

3 classes:

A Pilot gives bonus in how the AI player control the ships
The Will give good defense and good attack to the ships
A Battler will give a very good attack to the ships
as you can see,the classes increase stats

Home Ships:
Something like a stronghold from SWTOR,in other words,a customizable home,but as a ship,like the mother ships from battlestar galactica
The AI players will use pre defined furnitures for decorate the ship

Layers Of Space:
For example,think of a layer in the middle and a upper layer or lower layer
and in these layers the AI Player can move in a ship,at the space,so this is how the player build the space game,placing planets (for colonization,not for enter in it and customize) space stations and other things,but also will be the movable space of the AI players,not counting the buildings

When the player places a planet,then a AI Player can go in there,and colonize it,when a AI player colonizes,they can build in it and get resources from it,the player can see in a GUI the buildings that are there (the player can design it)

Space Stations:
Almost same thing of Home Ship,i mean,the home thing,because a space station can be buyed by a player and placed anywhere at space,when a space station is at space,it will give a Bonus to the owner and allyes of the owner (Ally factions )(A Merchant space station would give 10% more player money,a War space station would give 30% more attack and others)

A Faction or Guild,is created by a AI player,where this AI player can manage it,only players in a faction can colonize planets and go to war,also a Faction can make alliances and trade routes,the Player can make a NPC Faction,That is like a Player Faction,but the Player can make it to remove the negative buzz (giving more things to do)

Not like the Medieval MMO,The Space MMO have 3 “Major” stats that can’t be changed (Without counting the level,and 3 that the player can change)
they are:

  • Skill (it modifies the way the player moves and kill the others,a player with higher skill will be able to kill the other faster)

  • XP (you know what do it means,LEVEL UP!)

  • War Addicted (when more war Addicted,more “Killer” the player gets,but instead of being killer,he can unsubscribe by lack of war)

This is like the buildings you make in the medieval MMO,a example:Shop or Paths
There will be various Tabs with items
they are:

  • Interact
    -Kill (Kill the AI Player)
    -Revive (Revive the AI Player)
    -Cheat Detect (When its white,the AI player is not using cheats,When its grey,Some AI players have reported that he is cheating,but not sure and when its a very dark grey,the AI player is using cheats,and its total sure (ITS DIFFERENT FROM MEDIEVAL MMO))
    -Health (It gives health to the player,but when a AI player is battling against other AI Player,it give negative buzz sometimes if you use health in this battle)

  • Routes
    Routes are like paths,normally bandits or other enemies don’t use Routes,they are likely to be catch,there will be 3 types of routes:
    -Hyper Space route
    Routes used for hyper space,LIKE STAR WARS
    -Normal Route
    Route like Roads from Medieval MMO
    -Trade Route
    made by AI Players,its a route for trading between factions

  • NPC’s
    NPC’s are…NPC’s
    there will be 5 types of NPC’s/Zones

-Enemy Zone (Like monster zone from medieval MMO)
-Quest Giver (location were a NPC in a ship or in a space station will give a quest
-Boss (A Boss)
-Spawn Enemy (spawn a Enemy of the player choice)
-Kill Enemy (kill…enemy)

  • Planets
    there will be types of planet,the player can change the color of planet

-Vulcanic Planet (the name says everything)
-Earth like Planet (planets like the Earth)
-Moon (Moons)
-No athmosphere planet (a no athmosphere planet)
-Asteiroid (Like a asteiroid+planet,for minings)
-Giant Gas planet (Like Jupiter)
-Desert Planet (TATOOINE!)
-Ocean Planet (a planet…made of water)

  • Space Stations
    Here the player can place a space station,not one the player designed for AI Players to use
    -Broken Space Station ( the name says everything)
    -Merchant Space Station (WITH SHOPS!)
    -War Space Station (Well… For Storing ships and preparing for attack)

  • Network
    Same from Medieval MMO

@trevor make other Tabs

Like Stats,but needed for building anything,this is like Gold,but the player can change the resources that the AI Players can get


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Not sure if this is going to be a thing but will there be different themes? Like futuristic and such so that people can run different kinds of mmos. If not I feel this might be something that would be great and allow alot more creativity when it comes to managing an mmo

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Now i dont know if these ideas have already been mentioned somewhere else but just incase i’m gonna put them up because why not.

first off Guilds i haven’t really seen anything about guild which is weird because they tend to be a big part of mmos.
the way i envision it is that the guilds have different categories and that players with different play styles join the guild they best fit in with for exaple: an ai player who mainly kills monsters for xp and loot joins a monster hunter guild and a player that does alot of quests joins a questing guild and a player who kills alot of other players joins a pvp guild (pvp will be mentioned later)
and then there is the part of where will the guild be i myself had a few ideas the first idea is that guilds will be a building you can place in a town and than the building has a player cap so the guild can only have so many players and to make it a bit more realistic then theres the second idea that a guild will be a city of its own allowing for it to have a bigger player cap and then players will see that guild/city as a home instead of an inn this part of the idea could also be inplemented in the first idea ofcourse

Raids thats right big groups of people (maybe guild mates or friends but doesn’t have to be) that do a hard dungeon together wich also allows for the potential of group dungeons that you have to do with a group and that dungeon will then give the player more loot and satisfaction (because playing with other people tends to be more fun) or not a dungeon but a world boss a big creature that roams a part of the map that no single player can defeat and has to be done with a group

PVP Players against other players maybe for the end game only when a person has reached max or close to max lvl (again it doesn’t have to be) you could have arena’s or colosseums where a player fights against another player to gain satisfaction there could even be a rank list so that the players will battle each other to become the number 1 in pvp arena battles could also be in groups as in the guilds the highest lvl guild members against an other guild and have a separate list for group fights with the number 1 guild in fighting
ofcourse pvp doesn’t have to be arena only guilds could declare war on each other and fight to see who is more powerful or race against race wich you could make a developer option (actualy you could make everything i’ve said so far a dev option letting the person who is making his mmo decide if he wants guild or pvp and all that fancy stuff)
just saw that pvp was already a thing just thought i’d mention that :sweat_smile:

customisation so everything i’ve mentioned so far is to keep the ai playing but ofcourse the player also needs to be kept from being bored with the game wich customisation is wonderfull for

  1. buildings let the playing make their own buildings and classify the building as what they want (inn,shop etc) give the players the parts to build a building like in planet coaster allowing the player to build their own fancy buildings to make their mmo unique and more to their style
  2. monsters and ai players i dont exactly know how you would let the player make their own characters because letting the player build them pixel by pixel seem tedious to me but hey maybe i’m just weird and everyone would love that but i tought i should put this in anyways.

thats all i have on customisation for now

ranged combat haven’t seen anything about this yet where are the arrows and where are all the fancy magics i thought this was an mmo the hell man jk but yhea what about the ranged stuff man?

And thats all i could think of right now please anyone who want to improve on my ideas do so i would love to see all the ideas that come out

oh and im jason btw nice to meet all of you


Ok thats nice I guess

My first idea would be that Windows remember they position they closed that would really help me ingame

Hi, I don’t think I can create a post for just an idea so I prefer use that one,
I thought that it could be great to create a type of zone includes quests for every level. A Kind of big city zone, where player can come from level 1 to level X, when they finish each xp zone to sell stuff, and find a new quest for a new zone for each level.

If there is already a way to do this, please tell me how :slight_smile:

Some Ideas that would be nice :slight_smile:

  1. The little Players need a Armor Shop and/or other equipment (not only a Weapon)

  2. Special Loot like Rare and Legendary Weapons and Equipment

  3. Maybe a Tool for Creation this Special Loot

  4. a way to make Limited loot

  5. a way for the little players to Share this loot. like a marketplace area to make a player shop :slight_smile:

  6. more Events :slight_smile: some Hacker Stuff, Weather Effects , Area Bosses

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Ideas : (Picked from ‘‘Dathura’’ but more personnalized) : Some loots from monsters with characteristics like : Force, agility, life… These items would be purchasables from blacksmith shop (We could change characteristics of pre-designed weapons : their level required, power, class restrict…

Dungeons : A new platform design only for Dungeons (A second new map for each dungeons !) . We could see players enter in the dungeon, design it, place monsters, place boss and quests… (Only group could enter). At the end of the dungeon, we could drop some items for players that aren’t purchasables from blacksmith shop, or dungeon would not be interesting to do).

Guild wars ! I seen that guilds were in implementation, and I really don’t know what you’re doing but, war beetween guilds could give some benefits like :
-Control a zone give more XP to the controler
-More loots in the zone
-More golds gained
-Special quest
-Defend the controlled zone

Zones would be a Castle or something like that in the map that would be raidable by other guilds. A new map (Similar to dungeons) would be create and players from the guild could personnalize it (install defenses,guardians…)

Add more spells to monsters and players : Watch a player fighting isn’t very entertaining.

Thanks for reading ! And sorry i’m not really good in english but i made my best to write this. I hope you enjoyed my ideas I’ts probably a TONS OF WORKS but maybe reaaaaaaally interesting for futurs gameplay, more things to do (Game start to be a bit repetitive after 20 hours of gameplay, of course he is still in early access so i’ts normal, and I know you make your best in development, I check everydays if there’s new versions on Steam). But i have really a lot of fun to play this game. Thank you a lot !

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1:) Weapon Variations in Blacksmith shop, does not have to change the sprite of the weapon but a simple color pallette would show what level weapon they are wielding.
Costs for each weapon being different.
Level 1 Weapon Gold 1
Level 2 Weapon Gold 2
etc etc
Like the character skills.
Could add this system to other buildings; potions, whatever else is coming down the line for shops.

2.) Looking forward to party.

3.) New kind of Dev or a GM that goes around and finds cheaters. ( When you have over 2500 players online it’s impossible and just stressing for no reason.)

4.)More scenery and a Size Slider would be nice.

5.) For more indepth balancing, add Debuffs.
Defense down could make players do 2x damage, decrease attack otherwise .5x times. Would make balancing more fun.

6.) Have player wide announcements.

7.) Looking forward to Arenas.

8.) Dungeons, can paint in just like regular monsters, but have separate dungeon scenery.

9.) Will think of more later, my 2 cents.
Thank you for listening.

GM Tool: Zone server reboot to logout all Players to clean the zone. I had the problem, too many players and i cant play the game, because lagging…


Hi, and btw first post.
A few suggestions I’d like to see in the game:

  1. random npcs. Like villagers, farmers, travelling vendors. That sort of thing, to make the game more lively.
  2. Some ruins for the scenery. Dilapidated houses, barns, castles, walls.
  3. Some way we can write our own lore for each zone. I love some good lore heavy games and just having info like how an Orc and human war was fought long ago in the zone, anything that would add to the story of the game for players that like story driven games.
  4. Besides being able to “paint” in trees and mounts, etc., I’d like to see being able to paint in farm fields, or maybe paint in a flaming molten lava field.
    Well, I’m sure there is other things to add, just a few off the top of my head. Keep up the great work on the game.
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How about your computer spec?