Idea for crafting system

I got a pretty neat idea for Crafting that could be sort of be implemented in the current system.

The idea is to use only single type of material, maybe 1 per armor type. Like ores for metal armor, hides for leather armor, plant linen for cloth armor. Ore nodes and plant nodes are just placed like scenery.
But they also have levels however, so a level 3 ore can only make level 3 armor and weapon. The player must then gather ore from a higher lv zone to maker higher lv armor.

The “ores” required per crafted item could have a auto generated table just like the exp per monster and the increase per lv.

In a previous forum post of mine, I also gave an idea for loot tables and rarity of items. Its a long thread but the idea was to have a fixed types of rarity like thrash, common, uncommon, rare, epic. So one could create a item named “iron ore” set it to uncommon and level 3, a “gold ore” set it epic and lv4. Then placedown a bunch of rock doodads but set all of them to have the loot table that contains [“iron ore”,“gold ore”]. So any player passing by can take 3 secs to interact with the doodad and roll for a loot table item. The spawning location mechanism could be made using the zone tool just like monsters zones.

With the items rarity, then a level 4 armor made with uncommon materials would be stronger than one made with common. Maybe we can select the 3d model for the armor, so we can select a simple helmet for the common armor or a fancy helmet full of horns for a rare armor piece.

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