I wish I could change the pointer

Maybe its just me, but I find the speed and the dragging tail effect of the pointer very annoying. It would be nice it there was an option to turn it off in favor of a more traditional pointer.

In the main tab of the Options dialog, you can change the cursor to be static (non-animated), or to use the default OS cursor instead of the custom game one. The selection is here:

That was the very first thing I did! That squiggly arrow is obnoxious, it shouldn’t be the default.

I actually really like the squiggly arrow, but I am glad their an option to change it.

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I don’t mind the blur affect, but I hate that the arrow can end up “upside down” :sweat_smile:

I just want to point out that there is a Steam review that reads:

“Bought the game to build an awesome MMORPG,
Stayed for the awesome and fun mouse cursor!
10/10 mouse cursor!”

And that was one of the reasons I bought the game… just to see WTH that review could possibly mean! :rofl:

BTW, I’m also staying for the cursor. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: